Duke has “no plans to meet Prince Harry next month”

In the latest news from Prince Charles, he reportedly “has no plans” to see his son Prince Harry when he returns to the UK.

The 36-year-old Duke of Sussex will unveil a new statue of Princess Diana with Prince William, 38, on July 1st.

However, a source claims that the Prince of Wales will not be attending the ceremony.

Nor does he intend to meet Harry on his way home.

Prince Charles with the late Princess Diana (Image: SplashNews)

No meeting between Charles, William and Harry?

A source said The sun: “Charles will leave the boys to him.”

They added: “Charles has made it very clear that beyond that he will not be there because he is going to Scotland.

“There is no scheduled meeting between the three of them.”

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The planned ceremony at Kensington Palace will take place on the 60th birthday of the late Princess of Wales.

Harry and William are expected to give individual speeches.

News from Prince Charles
Prince Charles with Prince Harry, Prince William and David Attenborough in April 2019 (Image: SplashNews)

This momentous event comes just months after Harry made a series of allegations against his family.

These included, among other things, hints of racism against his son Archie.

He has also claimed that his father passed a cycle of “genetic pain” on to him.

However, Prince Charles has yet to publicly address the allegations.

Prince William has only commented once on his brother’s allegations.

News from Prince Charles
Prince Charles with Prince William (Image: SplashNews)

When asked by a journalist whether the royal family was racist, he simply replied: “We are not a racist family.”

Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Prince Edward admitted that family tensions were a battle.

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He told CNN’s Max Foster, “It’s difficult for everyone, but families are for you.”

However, he also claimed that every member of his family went through difficult times.

The Earl of Wessex continued, “Oddly enough, we’ve all been there before – we’ve all had undue interference and attention in our lives.

“And we all handled it a little differently and wish you the best of luck. It’s a really tough decision. “

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