Duo reveal their biggest TV regret

Saturday Night Takeaway hosts Ant and Dec are returning to ITV tonight (February 20), and it’s not a moment too early for fans of the Geordie duo.

It’s only been a few months since the presenting duo last appeared on screens on a regular basis when they unveiled I’m A Celebrity’s coronavirus hit series.

But the popular Geordie couple are sure to bring a dose of sunshine to those watching at home who missed it on the box that miserable winter.

And while Ant and Dec are excited about the return of SNT, the smart couples always keep an eye on the future.

They also became clear about the TV moment chasing at least one of them – with Dec admitting that he doesn’t want to repeat any particular experience in front of cameras ever again.

Ant and Dec are back on the box with SNT! (Photo credit: This Morning YouTube)

Ant and Dec hope for ‘curl a few feathers

Speaking to The Sun, Ant and Dec shared how they hope I’m a celebrity who could be a little spicier in the future after the last run from Oz to North Wales.

I am not satisfied. I’m sorry it ever happened!

Answered when asked if the 2020 streak was “too good”, Ant suggested that Manchester United ex-hardman Roy Keane could do a little bit of relief.

Ant said of that Sky Sports Expert: “It’s always good to have people speak their minds and pucker up a few feathers. As much as we love that people get along and have fun, we also love a bit of conflict there. “

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Dec agreed – and joked that he’d love to see “no-nonsense” Roy dress his roommates as tough as other football experts.

Roy Keane
Can you see Roy Keane swallow a kangaroo’s testicle? (Photo credit: YouTube)

Ant and Dec disagree on a unique viewing experience

However, the moderators disagreed that they should start their first bushtucker trial after years of giggling at celebrity campmates who had weathered the gruesome challenge.

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Ant told the tabloid he had no expectations of ever being persuaded to begin the trial.

Still, he was glad he did when he was surprised on the set a few months ago.

However, Dec couldn’t have disagreed – and made it clear that the start of a lawsuit was a great career regret.

He intervened: “I would have loved to go to my grave without having gone through a bushtucker trial. I am not satisfied. I’m sorry it ever happened! “

Ant McPartlin
Ant McPartlin participated in the bushtucker trial (Image credit: YouTube)

How has the coronavirus affected Saturday Night Takeaway?

The two stars also reflected on how the coronavirus affected the filming of Saturday Night Takeaway when they appeared on This Morning yesterday (February 19).

Dec said, “The show will be very different. We don’t have a studio audience here, which is such an important part of Takeaway. “

Declan Donnelly
But it was Declan Donnelly who hated it more (Credit: YouTube)

He added, “We have a virtual audience, but it will be very different. We brought the show together under very different circumstances.

“We also had bans and restrictions. But we’ve managed to get enough VT stuff in the last eight months, enough hidden camera stuff. “

Dec emphasized: “We have a series. It will be different, but hopefully no less fun and entertaining. “

Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway will air tonight (February 20th) at 7 p.m. on ITV.

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