Eagle-eyed viewers discover SIX Coronation Street actors

Eagle-eyed viewers of Four Lives on BBC One discovered a number of actors from Coronation Street in the emotional and harrowing drama about true crime.

From last night (Monday January 3rd) through tomorrow, the drama tells the story of how “Grindr Killer” Stephen Port was brought to justice.

Among the cast, however, the audience spotted several familiar faces … all from soaps like Corrie and Emmerdale.

Ben Cartwright in Four Lives (Image: BBC)

Which ex-Corrie actors appeared on Four Lives on BBC One?

In the three-part drama, Sheridan Smith can be seen as the mother of one of the victims of Port and Stephen Merchant as Port himself.

But there were more familiar faces.

Ben Cartwright (who played Neil Clifton in Corrie for two years) emerged as investigative officer, Detective Sergeant Martin O’Donnell.

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But it wasn’t just Ben. Dean Fagan (Luke Britton on the soap) played a cop.

And then Kate Layden (who played Jean Walters) was also involved.

Seasoned character actor Ian Puleston-Davies also appeared towards the end of the first episode.

He played a local MP who promised to help Sarah Sak with her investigation into the death of her son Anthony.

Ian was a very popular character in Corrie, playing Owen Armstrong for five years in the 2010s.

Ex-Corrie star Millie Winnard in Four Lives
Mollie also appears in the drama (Credit: BBC)

Who else has appeared on Four Lives?

And there is more.

In episode two (airing this evening January 4th and already on iPlayer) Mollie Winnard plays Demi.

She played Kayla Westbrook in Corrie in 2018.

And then, in the last, third episode, Saira Choudhry appears as a policewoman. In Corrie, Saira played Naila Badal for six years between 2013 and 2019.

But it wasn’t just Corrie actors – viewers spotted Shaun Thomas, who played the sad Paul in the drama.

Shaun, 24, played Gerry Roberts in Emmerdale.

How did the audience react?

When viewers noticed the Corrie theme throughout the cast, they took to Twitter to share their star taunts.

One wrote: “#FourLives is full of ex- # Corrie actors: Ian Puleston-Davies (Owen Armstrong), Ben Cartwright (Neil Clifton) and Dean Fagan (Luke Britton).

“Other than that … it’s brilliant – Sheridan Smith and Stephen Merchant stand out for their roles.”

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Another asked, “Is there a reason why an Essex murder show and Essex Police force has a cast of northern actors?

“Not disrespectful, just didn’t expect to see old Corrie faces. #Four lives. “

The third related to Ben Cartwright’s character in Corrie: “That copper was the perverted copper on Coronation Street in the Bethany Platt storyline #FourLives.”

Four Lives continues tonight (January 4th) on BBC One at 9 p.m., and all episodes are available on iPlayer.

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