Eamonn Holmes hits back on criticism of political “practice”

This Morning host Eamonn Holmes has hit back after a viewer accused the show of calling the Prime Minister by his first name.

The 61-year-old broadcaster went to Twitter to address the fan complaint.

Eamonn is currently moderating the ITV program with his wife Ruth Langsford this summer.

This morning’s Eamonn Holmes has responded to criticism (Image: ITV)

What did Eamonn Holmes say?

Eamonn responded to the review shortly after today’s show (July 14th).

The user claimed, “What a shame about @thismorning. The Prime Minister’s name is Boris Johnson, not “Boris”.

“This is a political twist to make Johnson appear as a kind, lovable character when in reality he’s just a dangerous, lying racist.”

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The viewer also added a screenshot of a segment with Nicola Thorpe.

The caption under the former Coronation Street star read: “Boris tells tech giants, ‘Up your game’.”

And the mail was not hidden from Eamonn.

He later replied, “Who said it, Brendan? Not me. Not a practice that I agree to. “

Meanwhile the user replied, “Eamonn, it’s just the bulletin at the bottom, I know it has nothing to do with you, but maybe you could pass it on.

“I think it’s part of that character he created as ‘Boris’ to cover up the reality that he is a really bad man, thanks for the answer, Eamonn, appreciated.”

Not a practice that I agree to

Eamonn and Ruth jumped back on the ITV show.

Earlier this week, the couple chatted with Sandra Hannah, who went viral after her parrot disappeared in lockdown.

However, Sandra came under fire for looks after deciding to have Chanel cut the wings off after the incident.

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford returned to This Morning on Monday (Photo credit: ITV)

How long are the two of them this morning?

In the meantime, the duo took over from regular presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on Monday (July 12).

You’re supposed to host the show for seven weeks, which means the couple’s final episode will likely take place on August 27th.

Earlier this month, Eamonn announced, “We’re back on the sofa for @thismorning.

Read more: This morning: Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford return for the summer

“Join us every weekday morning for the next 7 weeks! Make the most of us while we are there. “

In response to the news, one fan wrote: “My favorite couple are back on TV – 7 weeks of real presentation, can’t wait!”

A second added, “I’m really looking forward to it. Haven’t seen it since the last time you were there. “

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