Eamonn Holmes News: TV star “lives in chronic pain”

Eamonn Holmes advised fans on Twitter earlier this morning when he revealed the news that he is suffering from insomnia.

The star of This Morning indicated that he lives in chronic pain as he admittedly has trouble sleeping.

The 61-year-old Eamonn was interacting with social media users on Saturday (March 27) from 2.30 a.m. when he invited them to the opening.

This morning’s star Eamonn Holmes spoke to fans after posting his own insomnia news (Credit: This Morning YouTube).

How Eamonn Holmes revealed his insomnia news

The station posted in front of its 1 million followers asking for thought about what could possibly keep them awake.

He wrote: “In this twilight zone between night and morning.

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“Does anyone else think these hours are the worst … especially if you have chronic pain?”

Eamonn sympathized with one person that there was “no escape”.

However, the moderator admitted to being at a loss as to why pain was worse at night.

“Why this?” He thought.

Eamonn Holmes looks dejected
Eamonn Holmes wished many fans all the best (Photo credit: NOBLE / DRAPER / SplashNews.com)

How the fans reacted

Among the dozen of responses Eamonn received were reports of various illnesses.

This included people who talked about tinnitus, gout, and cluster headaches.

Others shared their experiences with Eamonn with Fibromyalgia, sinus pain, and hip pain.

“Nobody really gets it, right?” Eamonn answered one person.

“I send you the most positive wishes.”

Everything is worth a try.

Another respondent said that they were still awake because of their work.

“I’m on the night shift as an ambulance crew. I always slump at 3am, ”they said to Eamonn.

“Gosh. Respect you,” he tweeted back.

And in response to a person who mentioned how fear brings them nightmares, Eamonn tried to reassure them not to be afraid.

“Please do your best not to be,” he wrote.

Eamonn is open to possible solutions (Image credit: Andy Barnes / Flynet – SplashNews)

Others suggested alternative solutions to deal with discomfort and drift away.

When responding to a person who suggested that Eamonn play video games, he said that it might be a valid option.

“That could be the future for me,” he wrote.

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And in response to suggestions to turn to CBD oils, Eamonn replied, “Everything is worth a try.”

ED! has asked an Eamonn representative for comment.


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