Eamonn Holmes was instructed by Lisa Snowdon to “whistle”

The Eamonn Holmes presenter was instructed by Lisa Snowdon this morning to “whistle”.

Lisa was on the show Tuesday to show the viewers and Eamonn and Ruth Langsford the best boots for spring.

Eamonn, however, made a comment about a couple they called “hideous” when Lisa and Ruth scolded him.

Eamonn didn’t seem to approve of some of the boots (Credit: ITV)

What happened that morning

When Lisa revealed a pair of zebra print boots valued at £ 90, Eamonn described them as “hideous.”

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He said, “Why should you pay £ 90 for this? It looks like something is running down your legs? “

However, Lisa said, “Eamonn, you will be pleased to know that they are available in other colors.

Lisa Snowdon this morning
Lisa showcased the best boots for spring (Credit: ITV)

“They come in black and they come in green. He looks perplexed and rather distraught. “

He quipped, “That would convince me. Black or green. “

Ruth said, “Maybe you should have just stayed there and read the paper.

“He said to me, ‘Do you want me in this article?’ I said, “Yes.” Maybe not.

In the meantime, Lisa showed a pair of burgundy boots that Eamonn thought were “limp”.

This morning segment
Eamonn called a pair of boots “hideous” (Credit: ITV)

What did Eamonn Holmes say?

Eamonn said, “So everything has this slack style? Everything looks so limp. “

Lisa replied, “No it’s not, they’re not limp, they’re upright.”

The host added, “You were very limp. I tell you they were limp. They were very limp. “

Later in this segment, however, Eamonn seemed very much to disapprove of a pair of Welly-boot hybrids.

He said, “Now you’re both going to lie to me and pretend you like this one. I’m so sorry.

This morning Lisa
Lisa told Eamonn to “whistle” (Credit: ITV)

“Those are the ones you see on the back of newspapers that were advertised to old people.”

Lisa: You whistle down! Okay, me and Ruth are talking. “

Meanwhile, it came after Eamonn sparked criticism on the show on Monday for commenting on Ms. Ruth’s weight.

During the It’s Behind You game, a picture of Kate Middleton appeared behind them.

One caller tried to describe the Duchess of Cambridge and said, “She is very thin.”

Eamonn said, “She’s very thin … well it’s not you, darling” as he turned to his wife.

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He also cheekily added, “You wouldn’t say she is very thin and married to Eamonn Holmes, would you? No, he wouldn’t have done that. “

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