EastEnders: 9 HUGE spoilers for next week

EastEnder’s spoilers in pictures for next week see Shirley uncover the truth about Mick’s abuse while Gray tries to cover his tracks as the Carters search for missing Tina.

Elsewhere, Denise realizes that someone else wants to get Lucas.

Here are nine EastEnders spoilers for next week’s episodes.

EastEnders spoilers

1. The police are coming for Katy

Frankie tells her mother that she deserves everything that comes to her.

Katy panics when the police knock on her door.

But who called her?

Katy sneaks out and shows up at Mick’s. She confronts him, but he firmly believes that he is not the one who called the police.

He tells Katy that he doesn’t think Frankie would call the police either.

2. Shirley learns the truth

Soon Katy changes tactics and tries again to manipulate Mick.

But when Mick tells her some house truths, none of them notice that Shirley heard it all.

Shirley is shocked to discover that Linda has known about Mick’s abuse for some time.

But Linda tells Shirley that they can only be there for Mick.

3. Gray blurs its tracks

With Tina’s upcoming hearing, the Carters worry that Tina won’t appear in court.

Gray covers his tracks by suggesting that Tina surprise her and arrive at the last moment.

However, he later sends a text from Tina’s phone.

Shirley shows Mick a text from Tina and he is stunned.

But what did Gray write on Tina’s cell phone?

4. Linda asks Max for help

Linda knows there is something she can do to prove Tina’s innocence.

But how will Max react heartbroken when Linda asks for help?

5. Jean’s cancer nightmare

Jean goes to the doctors because of the lump she found.

But before the doctors can do any tests, her appointment runs out.

Later, Jean ignores calls from her doctor. She is making a shocking plan for her future.

6. Denise notices someone is aiming at Lucas – but who?

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Patrick reassures Denise that he isn’t the one who wanted Lucas to get hurt.

Denise confronts Phil, convinced that he ordered someone to beat up Lucas.

But he firmly believes that he only spoke to Lucas and nothing more.

7. Lucas agrees to leave

When Denise realizes someone else is after Lucas, she speaks to him and Chelsea. She warns him that someone else is after him.

Lucas doesn’t want to put Chelsea in danger and agrees to leave. But will he stay true to his word?

8. Dotty is throwing a party

Dotty invites Ash and Iqra to a party. When Ash hears that Peter will be there, she agrees.

When hardly anyone comes to the party, Vinny tries to cheer up Iqra and sees that she feels left out.

9. Peter in trouble with Suki?

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Peter, Ash, Tiff and Keegan go to the call center to start their own party.

But since Mo and Jean dampen the mood, Iqra stays behind and opens up to Jean about Ash.

Later at the call center, Suki interrupts the party. When Ash, Tiff and Keegan hurry up, Peter stays.

EastEnders airs Mondays at 8:05 p.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:35 p.m., and Fridays at 8:30 p.m. on BBC One.

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