EastEnders confirms eight suspects when Ian Beale is attacked

EastEnders has confirmed the eight suspects in Ian Beale’s brutal attack.

Smarmy Ian was left dead on Queen Vic’s floor after one of his many enemies decided to get him out of his misery last night.

The Friday night episode showed Ian wrapping up his many enemies on the pitch after a shock of his own.

He was publicly arrested for mortgage fraud after Tina Carter discovered the secret and reported him.

However, Kathy insisted it was a “family matter” and convinced the police to release him.

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The angry Ian then discovered exactly who had reported him and went to confront them.

He told her she would never get the Vic back – and banned her entire family from the pub they used to own.

She lost her temper and forced herself into Ian’s house ready to fight.

Ian’s list of enemies has grown tremendously in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

And from the look of a particular sequence, it looks like it has one.

Tina was seen again as Gray washed blood from her hands and face.

The soap then gave fans a glimpse of what had happened on the pitch that night.

Ian Beale was pronounced dead in the episode last night (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Who Tried to Kill Ian Beale?

The Rainie Highway could be seen spinning through Walford on a mission. Ian had ruined her chances of becoming a mother again.

Her husband Stuart could be seen burning something on the plots.

Ian’s brother Ben left the pub where Ian had been attacked.

However, Tina will be the prime suspect after publicly attacking Ian (Credit: BBC)

Peter Beale, still angry with his father, could be seen tending to his own wounds that looked bloody and bruised.

His brother Bobby appeared to be suffering from mental illness down the alley after Peter tried to convince him to kill Ian.

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However, Max Branning looked like he had taken revenge on Ian for his blackmail attempts.

And Suki Panesar rounded out the suspects but looked a lot less suspicious than the others.

Sitting in a bar in front of the CCTV, she looked like she was setting up her own alibi for Ian’s attack.

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