EastEnders in 2022 – Who Is Going and Who Is Coming to Walford?

EastEnders in 2022 is turning out to be the year of returns for us.

There have been a lot of departures this year, but we are pretty sure there will be some returnees in the months ahead.

Here’s our round-up of what to expect in 2022.

Forever away?

Tiffany butcher-baker

Tiff and Keegan had one last night together before heading to Germany (Image: ITV)

Tiffany Butcher-Baker said goodbye to the Square after a final night out with husband Keegan and some interference from Brother Liam.

But fans are convinced this won’t be the last we’ll see of Tiff and claim she’ll be back with Keegan’s baby.

Ian Beale

ian beale eastenders
Will Ian ever be able to open his present from his mother? (Image credit: BBC)

Ian has a present from Mama Kathy under the tree, but it doesn’t look like he’s opening it now.

Surely Mr. Beale – part of Albert Square from the start – not gone forever?

Well, when actor Adam Woodyatt walked into the jungle of “I’m A Celebrity” last year, he admitted that there were “no plans” for his return.

But who knows if 2022 will change their mind?

Come back?

Bernadette Taylor

Bernie Taylor leaves EastEnders
Pregnant Bernie said goodbye, but will she be back?

Tiff’s best buddy Bernie left Walford some time ago to stay with big brother Keanu. But she’s still pregnant with Stuart Highway’s baby, and we know she’s kept in touch with Rainie.

When her due date appears, Bernie will be returning to Walford. But is she going to give Rainie the baby she longs for so badly?

Can Bernadette really give up on her child?

Frankie Lewis

Frankie left Walford after quarreling with sister Nancy (Image: BBC)

After a spectacular argument with half-sister Nancy Carter, Frankie left Square to visit friends up north (so that actress Rose Ayling-Ellis would take a break to focus on her Strictly trip).

But Frankie is already an important part of the Carter family and we know she will be back shortly.

Linda Carter

Mick isn’t the dad to Linda’s baby Annie (Image: BBC)

Linda is another important cog on the Carter Wheel, but it doesn’t look like she will be back anytime soon.

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A Christmas return for Linda saw Janine intervene and try to end Mick’s marriage so she could have Mick all to herself.

But did it work? Will Linda be gone forever? Or will she return to fight for her husband?

Max Branning

Jake Wood shares a rare picture of his daughter
Would Max come back if he knew the truth about little Annie? (Image credit: BBC)

Actor Jake Wood seems in no hurry to get back to EastEnders, but little Annie’s existence means his alter ego Max Branning has a connection to the Square.

For all of Max’s mistakes – and there are many – he was always a devoted (if a little stupid) father. If he finds out Annie is his baby, will he return to Walford?

Bianca Metzger

We want Bianca back! (Image credit: BBC)

Actress Patsy Palmer is slated to prepare to return to EastEnders as the legendary Bianca shortly before the COVID outbreak.

Since she lives in America, Patsy’s return plans have been put on hold indefinitely. But we’d love to see Bianca back on the pitch, even for a short time.


Aaron Monroe

Aaron’s Part of a Sinister New Plot (Credit: BBC)

The creepy Aaron arrived in Walford and immediately started causing trouble. He is part of a right-wing extremist conspiracy that will develop in the coming weeks with devastating consequences for the residents of the square.

But will Aaron stay around after the fallout?

Rocky AKA Terrycloth AKA Tom Cotton

Is Rocky new to the pasture? (Image credit: BBC)

We’re big fans of Rocky even though he’s a cheat, so we’d love to see him in the Square permanently.

But can he really hang out after his secret is revealed? We desperately hope the real Terry Cant will come to spoil his fun! Or that Sonia will forgive Rocky and that he will become a fixture in the square.

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