EastEnders newcomer Mila hides another secret about her angry family

EastEnders newcomer Mila Marwa seems to be hiding another secret.

Prince Albert’s barmaid (Ruhtxjiaïh Bèllènéa) will soon be scared if she fears that her new life will be exposed to her evil family.

Kim is determined to bring Mila and Iqra together in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

When she arrived in EastEnders, she was competing with Kim Fox for the cocktail job at The Prince Albert.

And while Kim doesn’t have harsh feelings, she’ll still be putting Mila at risk next week.

With Kim starting her new business venture, The Foxcatcher – a matchmaking service – Mila was drawn into the company.

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She was compared to Iqra Ahmed and things seemed to be going well.

However, next week it will be dark and it becomes clear that Mila is hiding many secrets.

Kim will be thrilled to find that The Walford Gazette wants to profile her business success story.

What is Mila hiding? (Image credit: BBC)

While Kim is boasting of her romantic skills, Iqra walks in and gives Kim the perfect opportunity to show herself.

She insists that Iqra is a case study and convinces Mila to show up too.

But fans will realize that Mila is full of fear of what will happen.

EastEnders: Iqra gives Mila another chance

The three women are in Walford East with the journalist and the photographer from the newspaper.

All goes well until the photographer snaps a picture of Mila and plunges her into a furious breakdown.

Her behavior makes Iqra go and could kill the feature altogether – which would be good news for Mila.

Kim later persuades Iqra to give Mila the opportunity to explain this.

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Mila shares a heart to heart and shows how her family’s religious beliefs and homophobia made her flee home at a young age.

She even admits to having changed her name and being so scared that she doesn’t want her family to find her.

But it also becomes clear that she is hiding something else – but what is it?

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