EastEnders Spoiler: Revealed in Brand New Pictures Next Week – October 4th

EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Suki is threatening Honey.

Meanwhile, Dotty’s mother, Sandy, arrives in Walford, and Keegan makes a big decision.

All of this and more in the EastEnders next week.

EastEnders Spoiler: Next week

1. EastEnders Spoiler: Honey is telling Jay the truth

Honey is concerned about her forced evening shifts at Minute Mart.

She asks Suki for a break, but she says no.

Honey bites back and says it’s all about the kiss.

Devastated, Honey tells Jay and Billy that she can’t go to Miami with Janet, but Jay is suspicious of Suki.

Kheerat senses that something is wrong with his mother.

Jay questions Suki, but she tells him Honey wasn’t good, which leaves Jay angry.

Later, Honey finally admits that Suki tried to kiss her.

Jay tells Kheerat, but he is adamant that Jay lies about his mother and slams him against the wall.

2. Suki threatens Honey

Kheerat confronts Honey for lying about Suki and she says she isn’t lying, but he doesn’t believe her.

Kheerat reveals what Jay told him and leaves Suki ashamed.

Suki goes to Honey and Honey tells her not to be ashamed of anything.

However, Suki hits her before threatening her.

3. Is honey balanced?

Honey holds her own when Suki harasses her.

It won’t just be the kiss she’ll tell everyone about – based on what Suki told her about Jags.

Later honey packs for Miami. Jay suggests calling Minute Mart’s main office to settle accounts with Suki.

4. Vinny helps out Dotty

Dotty is stressed about the Ruby’s relaunch event and needs a DJ.

Rocky assures her that he has a plan to get some money and asks Vinny to DJ, but he says no.

When Sonia chases Dotty to pay bills, Vinny feels sorry and helps out.

However, he makes it clear that nothing has changed between them.

5. Dotty’s mother, Sandy, shows up

Rocky gets VIP invites for himself and Sonia to Dotty’s Noughties Club event by reminding them to try to impress Sonia.

Things take a turn when a drunk woman shows up and Rocky’s face sinks at the sight of her.

Outside, Sonia finds the woman asking about Kirsty and the penny drops.

She interrupts Dotty and the drunk woman reveals that she is Dotty’s mother, Sandy, but she berates her daughter.

6. Bernie worries that Rainie is using drugs

Dotty later invites Sandy for a chat, and Rocky insists that she blow her cover.

Meanwhile, Keegan and Bernie ask Rainie to take a drug test, but she panics and tells them she took a sleeping pill.

Rainie meets Sandy and Bernie watches from a distance as it looks like it’s a drug deal.

Bernie tells her mom that she’s worried Rainie will use again.

7. Keegan leaves Walford

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After Keegan begs Tiff not to take half of his stand with him, he tells his family that he spoke to Keanu.

He says Keanu told him he could stay with him for a while.

Keegan says he has to leave Walford.

Bernie gives Keegan food for thought and asks if he should leave if he’s so worried about Tiff.

8. Zack comes back to Peter

Nancy suggests that Martin ask Peter for his booth.

However, Peter tells him it’s the Chippy or nothing, so he accepts.

Martin later ventilates with Nancy when he receives a call from Peter asking him to do another shift, ruining his plans with Hope.

Sharon offers Martin some wise words and says that he is doing what he has to to support his family.

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Martin ventures over Peter when he suddenly appears.

While Peter is not looking, Zack takes his tablet.

Peter later discovers that his tablet was smashed on the Chippy.

He points with his finger at Martin and Zack.

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