EastEnders storylines revealed in pictures for next week!

Soap spoilers for next week see trouble for EastEnders’ Chelsea when she is caught by airport security while she is running the drugs for Caleb.

Elsewhere, an unexpected death shocks Kathy and Sharon while Suki does her best to separate Peter and Ash.

All of this and more in EastEnder’s soap spoilers next week.

1. Chelsea stands before the music

It’s time for Chelsea and Lucas to do the work for Caleb.

But when Caleb arrives with even more drugs, Chelsea panics.

At the airport, Chelsea and Lucas approach security.

As her cases go through the scanner, Chelsea panics when a security guard opens her case.

Chelsea fears things won’t go according to plan and is preparing for the drugs to be found.

How will Caleb react when he hears what happened?

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2. Death shock for Kathy and Sharon

Kathy arrives at the Vic and tells Sharon that her birth father, Gavin, has died.

Sharon wavers when she realizes that Kathy is about to go to the evil Gavin’s funeral.

Sharon is determined that Gavin can rot in Hell until a comment from Callum changes her mind.

Kathy and Sharon head to the funeral together.

Afterwards, Kathy can’t help but think of Ian and the couple opening up to each other.

Kathy urges Sharon to reveal what really happened to Ian before he left Walford.

Will Sharon admit poisoning Ian?

The thoughts of Ian are soon forgotten when Sharon and Kathy meet the mysterious Zack.

Zack toasts Gavin with a devastating toast after death and makes everyone angry.

But while no one is looking, Sharon picks up Gavin’s urn and throws it in a nearby trash can.

Zack quickly leaves the funeral, but who is he and how did he know Gavin?

Later, Sharon packs her things at the Vic and Kim offers to throw her a farewell party.

Sharon admits she’s lonely, agrees, and Kim is in her element to organize the bash.

But when it comes to the crisis, can Sharon say goodbye to her beloved pub?

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3. Suki is causing trouble

Sparks fly between Peter and Ash as they take advantage of the house.

But Suki comes home and catches them up.

She tells Ash that she knows she’s been suspended from work.

Ash is confident that with Peter’s help, she will get her job back.

Cold-hearted Suki tries to sabotage her daughter’s job in order to separate Ash and Peter.

But will their shady antics work?

EastEnders airs Mondays at 8:05 p.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:35 p.m. and Fridays at 8:30 p.m. on BBC One.

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