Ek Nashebaaz has finished filming the song

By Jyothi Venkatesh

Ek Nashebaaz, directed by Gabriel Vats and written by Seema Saini, recently completed two days of filming for the song in Mumbai. The film Ek Nashebaaz shows the dark side of a rehab center. The film shows how a young person’s life is made worse by a drug addiction. It is an important and groundbreaking film. Gabriel Vats and Geetanjali Sharma perform together with Govind Namdev, Pankaj jha, Sushant Shelar, Justin Rufus, Dhruv Deshwal, Vijay Vikram Singh and Alka Amin.

Under the banner of Snipper entertainment LLP, Ek Nashebaaz is produced by Neeraj Sharma, co-produced by Rajeev Deshwal, Gabriel vats. Seema Saini also gave the script and dialogues. The music is given by Sunjoy Bose & Seema Saini. Özil Dalal, Seema Saini and Vikas Chauhan will read the texts. Editing by Santosh Sonawane and choreography by Raju Balan. The film will be released in theaters in October 2021.

Ek Nashebaaz is a musical drama. The film is about Noori, Rajnish and the drug rehab center. The pages of a hidden book open when the psychiatrist Noori enters the door of a drug rehab center, where she discovers Rajnish’s life breathing in these dark walls, which in turn becomes Noori’s life motive. Noori wins the fight to free Rajnish from the rehab center but fails to banish the dark memories of rehab.

Previously, Gabriel Vats had tried the bizarre subject for his film about male pregnancy “I am Mr. Mother”. Gabriel thinks it is important to address a topic that is seldom discussed. The film I am Mr. Mother was appreciated by none other than Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bacchan. He was overwhelmed by the concept of the film and praised it as “really excellent”.

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