Ellis fears he will become involved in a conspiracy over child sexual abuse

Emmerdale fans fear Ellis is caught in a conspiracy over child sexual abuse while Cathy Hope has a crush on him.

In the aftermath of this week, it became clear that 14-year-old Cathy has a crush on 23-year-old Ellis Chapman.

The schoolgirl has gotten closer to her niece April Windsor, who lives in the same house with Ellis.

In a plot to bring them together, April left a bag of Ellis’ favorite candy with a love letter.

However, Ellis was convinced that the candy was from Priya.

Ellis thought the candy was from Priya (Image credit: ITV)

In the aftermath of last night (Thursday April 22nd) Ellis asked Priya about the candy and Cathy and April overheard the conversation.

But as Priya became increasingly confused, April Ellis admitted that she had placed the candy there.

April admitted that Cathy was his secret admirer.

Ellis kindly told Cathy that no harm was done and Priya suggested that they pretend nothing had ever happened.

April revealed to Ellis that Cathy had a crush on him (Credit: ITV)

Embarrassed, Cathy said, “Yeah, I mean, like I like Ellis anyway.”

Soon Cathy left and Bob started asking what was going on. April admitted to her grandpa that she asked Ellis about Cathy, but she got it wrong.

However, fans have urged producers to stop this story because they fear Cathy will make false accusations against Ellis.

Some fans have also predicted that Cathy will start bullying in April.

Emmerdale: What’s Next for Ellis?

A few months ago, Ellis slept with Priya, who was previously engaged to his father, Al.

For the past few weeks Priya has been helping Ellis with his new business.

However, in the scenes from last night, she told him that nothing more could happen between them.

Ellis and Billy plan to move out of Marlon’s house (Image credit: ITV)

It looks like things could get worse for him next week.

In the ensuing scenes, Marlon tells Billy and Ellis that he’s doubling their rent. But they want to move out soon.

However, Rhona has a plan to get Marlon out of his financial hole.

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