Emily Atack reveals that she has received “rape and death threats” online

Emily Atack has revealed that she had received heinous “rape and death threats” on the Internet.

In addition, she shared her shock about some of the perpetrators – family men who pose in profile photos with their children.

Emily has received horrific news online (Source: YouTube)

What happened to Emily Atack and what did she say about the abuse?

Emily, 31, has opened up about the abuse she receives The Sunday Times.

She said she receives “dozens” of disturbing pictures and videos every day of some men enjoying themselves.

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Emily added, “Some of these men are married and have children. They have daughters in their profile pictures and the like.

“How can you sleep at night when you know that you have just put your daughter to bed, have probably helped her with her homework and then secretly answer the phone …?”

Emily Atack has described some of the horrific insults she receives online
Emily said some of the news she receives comes from family members (Photo credit: SplashNews.com)

Threat of “rape and murder”

Emily also announced that she had received a threatening message from a social media user five years ago.

The hideous news showed exactly what her living room looked like.

The person said they would “rape and kill” them.

Emily explained that someone broke into her home at the time, although it is not clear whether the break-in and the threats were linked.

Emily Atack has described some of the horrific insults she receives online
Emily has become a star thanks to her comedy appearances (Credit: YouTube)

What else is Emily up to?

In a recent conversation with LadBible Emily shared her experience of online abuse.

She said in the interview that she started thinking about her weight after people started calling her “fat” when she first appeared on The Inbetweeners.

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“What I really notice is that I’m so used to men hurling insults on the street or in a bar, which has interested me for the past ten years [is] the online abuse.

“It’s just out of control. Totally out of control. For some reason there is this blind spot where when it’s online you don’t draw any conclusions.

“I get … I get hundreds of messages every day.”

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