Emmerdale fans are convinced that Meena will murder sister Manpreet

Emmerdale viewers believe that Manpreet will be the one to bring down their sister.

On the night of Leanna Cavanagh’s brutal murder, Meena removed the ring from her corpse.

Leanna learned last week that Meena’s best friend Nadine Butler had died under suspicious circumstances.

She started to question Meena about Nadine’s death and Meena let it be known that she had killed her.

Fans believe Meena will be exposed by her sister (Image credit: ITV)

Meena pushed her off a bridge and then mocked her as she was dying. However, Meena also made sure that she took a token in the shape of her ring, which was a gift from Jacob.

After her death, the police declared the incident non-suspicious, but viewers know otherwise.

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This week fans watched Meena play in front of her current boyfriend with the ring in her hands.

Her sister Manpreet came into the room and saw what she was holding in her hand.

Meena stole the ring as a sign (Image: ITV)

Emmerdale on ITV Player: Fans are convinced that Manpreet will expose her sister as a murderer

Fans immediately wondered if Manpreet, who happens to be a pretty smart doctor, would add two and two together.

“I really want to Manpreet Finishing Meena #Emmerdale, “said a viewer.

“She will probably be the right one,” replied a second fan.

Another viewer thinks Meena almost wants to be caught.

“Meena is just trying to make it easy for everyone to know it was her, now she has this ring on her necklace,” added another fan.

In the meantime, the question remains whether Meena will be caught before she possibly pegs the crime on Jacob.

It wouldn’t be the first time it happened.

In an attempt to get rid of Jacob, she stole a Pride charity can from his father David and made it look like Jacob had taken it.

However, their plan backfired. As a result, David just wanted to spend more time with Jacob.

Will your plans work out this time?

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