Emmerdale fans got sick when Kim Tate films her son having sex

Emmerdale fans are sick after Kim Tate takes in their son while having sex.

Intriguing Kim installed secret surveillance cameras at Home Farm to catch her mysterious poisoner – but she caught a lot more.

Kim Tate and her secret cameras caught more than she expected in Emmerdale last night (Image Credit: ITV)

What Kim couldn’t foresee, however, was that her son Jamie would frolic on the finely upholstered Home Farm couches with his girlfriend Dawn.

Yet that is exactly what happened last night.

The couple began rowing over Kim’s relationship with Dawn’s father, Will.

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Gabby had got Jamie to insult Will in front of Dawn – and that had got her into an argument.

Later, when Dawn discovered that Kim had provided Will with shopping sprees, they collided.

And tired of the war between their families that was affecting their relationship, Dawn went to Jamie.

Caught with the camera

She seduced him at Home Farm.

“We waste our lives thinking of others when all that matters is just you and me,” Dawn told him.

“That’s why I asked myself if you still have time this afternoon.”

When Jamie asked how long, Dawn walked slowly into the main living area of ​​the Home Farm and said to him, “As much time as you can give me.”

Jamie and Dawn romp around on the home farm (Image: ITV)

The camera then panned away to avoid the audience blushing – but Kims didn’t.

Her horse head camera captured everything in gorgeous HD.

And it made the fans sick.

One said: “Oh no, not in front of the horse!”

Another said, “How the hell can’t Dawn and Jamie see Kim’s camera behind the ornament!”

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A third said, “Kim is about to take a close look at her son and Dawnie!”

Will their illicit frolicking mean that Kim’s camera will be discovered and their plot ruined?

Or will she just throw away her camera after witnessing the horror of her son’s sex life?

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Emmerdale will continue on Monday (June 7th) at 7pm on ITV.

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