Emmerdale: Has Will Left the Soap Forever?

Emmerdale aired exit scenes for Will Taylor tonight, but has he left the soap forever?

After confessing the truth about Malone’s body to Kim Tate, Will felt that he had no choice but to go to the police.

Harriet thought it better if Will just fled instead. But is that the last we’ll see of him?

Why did Will confess to killing Malone?

Will decided to flee after confessing to Kim (Image credit: ITV)

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When Will heard that Ellis and Priya were moving base camp to the exact location where Malone’s body is buried, Will panicked.

When his attempts to persuade Kim to object to the move failed, Will decided to admit the truth.

Well, almost the truth … In fact, he told Kim that he killed Malone in self-defense and buried the body on the Home Farm estate. Of course, viewers know that daughter Dawn actually killed Malone in self-defense, and Harriet helped her cover it up.

Kim was stunned and made Will believe that she would either call the police or take revenge. Then she kicked Will out.

He went straight to Dawn and told her that he had no choice but to face the police.

Will’s exit plan

Harriet had a plan to get Will away from Emmerdale (Image Credit: ITV)

Will stressed that he might get a lighter sentence if he defended his case. He picked up a heartbreaking goodbye message for Lucas, but Harriet had another idea.

She suggested that he go and get as far away from the village as possible to lie down a little. She got him some cash and found a ferry from Hull to France that left that night. She also advised him to get a new phone.

When Kim arrived later looking for Will, Dawn lay down in her and told Kim that he was gone forever.

Kim was stunned and insisted that she just wanted to teach him a lesson and not drive him away.

Did Will leave Emmerdale forever?

Is that the last we saw of Will? (Photo credit: ITV)

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While Emmerdale hasn’t commented on Will’s departure and future on the soap, it seems like he’s coming back.

Actor Dean Andrews, who plays Will, told the story Digital Spy: “He’s going to France.”

And about a possible return, he added: “I think he just wants to take some time for the dust to settle.

“He would come back if he didn’t know the police are after him!”

And since it looks like Kim won’t call the police, it probably won’t be the last time we’ll see Will.

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