Emmerdale Spoiler: In All New Pics Next Week (June 7th

Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal someone is trapping Andrea’s dog in a piping hot car.

Meanwhile, Jimmy admits his true feelings to Mandy, and Tracy struggles to get Frankie’s feeding needs.

All this and more in Emmerdale next week.

1. Emmerdale spoiler: Meena interferes in Charles and Andrea’s relationship

Andrea invites Charles to go camping with her and Millie, but Meena does her best to keep Andrea off the idea.

Later, Gabby is upset when Andrea and her dog Princess come to the Home Farm to get Millie’s sleeping bag.

At the home farm, Princess spots Gabby’s handbag.

Meanwhile, Meena intercepts Charles to sow doubts about being with Andrea.

While Noah is cleaning Gabby’s purse, Gabby talks about how Millie’s dog borrowed.

Andrea leaves Princess safely tied up in the shade as she and Millie see her senses.

While Andrea is distracted, we see someone luring the dog into the parked car with his favorite toy and slamming it.

As the sun shines, Princess remains trapped as she desperately tries to escape.

2. Kim confesses everything to Jamie

When Will has a business conversation with Kim, doubts about his motives return.

Soon, Jamie accidentally discovers Kim’s hidden camera.

Kim later confides in Jamie that the reason she put the surveillance in place is because someone is drugging her.

He is injured, she suspects him, but later suggests that the two of them should flee Home Farm for a while.

3. Mandy goes to his hearing with Jimmy

Nicola did not know it was Jimmy’s hearing and cannot attend.

When Mandy finds out that Jimmy wants to plead guilty, she is determined to change his mind.

She tries to make it clear to him that going to jail doesn’t help.

Mandy enters to go to the hearing with him.

4. Nicola is cheating on Jimmy?

Meanwhile, Nicola confides in Bernice her marital problems.

Mack is happy to confirm to Nicola that he will always be an option for her.

Soon Nicola is being nursed and goes to the junkyard.

Nicola seems to be attacking Mack and he thinks all of his dreams will come true.

5. Jimmy admits his feelings for Mandy

When Jimmy returns home, he and Nicola are more estranged than ever.

Jimmy returns to see Mandy in the drawing room and tells her that his feelings are deeper than friendship.

Mandy is stunned and Jimmy immediately regrets it.

Jimmy soon runs into Juliette and Nicola, who are arguing.

6. Jimmy and Nicola over for good?

Things between Jimmy and Nicola get worse when he appears to be on Juliette’s side.

Jimmy later tells Nicola that he wants to move out. Nicolas world collapses around them.

While Jimmy is privately negotiating custody with Juliette, will Nicola fight for her marriage?

7. Tracy is struggling to cope with this

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Tracy struggles with Frankie’s feeding needs. Nate is doing his best to support them.

Dr. Liam wants to know how Tracy is handling this and tells Tracy to take care of both herself and Frankie.

But can she?

8. Ben is worried about Aaron

Ben worries that Aaron’s constant concern for Liv is taking its toll.

Is Aaron okay?

9. Meena opens

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In the salon, Meena tells Diane about her past. What will she tell her?

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