Emmerdale SPOILER: Kerry’s shock returns!

Next week’s Emmerdale spoilers reveal the truth about where Kerry was all the time Charity meets her.

Charity is stunned when she and Mackenzie arrive at the Chloe family mansion to rob their father and meet Kerry.

They see a maid cleaning the palatial gaff and when she turns around, Charity recognizes her.

What is Kerry doing and why is she so interested in keeping it quiet?

Emmerdale Spoiler: Kerry’s Secret World

Kerry works as a maid – and handler – for Chloe’s creepy father (Image: ITV)

From the moment they meet face to face, it’s clear that Kerry wants to remain anonymous.

When Chloe interrupts her unexpectedly, Kerry covers up the thieving duo and leads the boy away.

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Once Chloe is gone, Kerry asks Charity and Mack not to tell anyone they saw her, especially their daughter Amy.

She also insists that they must surrender everything they have stolen, otherwise dire consequences face.

But the sneaky Mack returns all but one of the mega-expensive watches.

Will he still regret it?

Protect and serve

Kerry and Chloe
There’s a strong bond between Kerry and the vulnerable Chloe (Image: ITV)

After they leave, Kerry tries to make Chloe see her senses.

She is horrified when she realizes that the boy is defying her father and has built a relationship with Sarah and Noah.

Knowing this decision could put Chloe in danger, Kerry tells her to cut it off before anything goes wrong.

But while Chloe is torn, it looks like her feelings for Noah are tarnishing her judgment.

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Later, Kerry is petrified when her boss contacts her to ask for answers.

He wants to know where his watch has gone, and Kerry is scared of being guilty.

Why is she so afraid of him and what is he capable of?

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