Emmerdale Spoiler: Revealed in Brand New Pictures Next Week – October 4th

Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Meena is back and messing with David.

Meanwhile, Charles receives messages from an unknown person and Diane is seriously injured.

All of this and more at Emmerdale next week.

Emmerdale spoilers: Next week

1. Emmerdale Spoiler: Meena is back

Jacob and Priya are alarmed when David collapses after overexertion.

Priya offers to move in with him to help him.

Meena comes back the next day and sees some suitcases and a chef’s hat on the doorstep.

Sure they belong to Victoria, Meena prepares to strangle her rival.

2. Meena threatens Victoria

Meena is stunned when Priya comes out and disapproves of her paranoia.

In the Hide, Carl fires a cap pistol at David and throws him into a flashback of the siege.

David and Vic share a tender moment when she helps him, but the mood is shattered when Meena arrives.

Meena forbids Victoria to visit David again, and Vic is unsettled when Meena’s tone becomes increasingly threatening.

David has been prescribed superpowerful pain relievers to ease the discomfort from his injury, but Meena is clearly planning something.

She tells David to take control of his medication.

Meena later does her best to instill his fear as she lets him relive the events of the Siege of Hide.

Meena replaces David’s powerful pain relievers with paracetamol and is happy to have it where she wants it.

3. Al wants to buy a part of the Woolpack

Paddy tries to convince Marlon and Chas to accept Al’s offer to buy the pub.

Chas plays tough with Al and tells him he can have a third of the pub instead of half the stake.

Will Al accept? Why does he want a share of the pub so badly?

4. Harriet is worried about Charles

Harriet is concerned when Charles appears visibly shaken by a mysterious message on his phone.

The next day, Charles fearfully rejects a phone call. Harriet sees a disturbing message on his phone.

Charles has no intention of trusting Harriet with the lyrics.

Charles later gets fed up and makes an angry phone call telling his tormentor to leave him alone.

4. Charles meets with a mysterious person

Charles has an undercover meeting in the woods.

But who is this mysterious person and why did they shock Charles so much?

5. Charles asks Andrea to move in

Andrea’s face brightens when Charles suggests they move in together.

But is there something going on?

6. Diane hurt

Rodney continues his campaign to win Diane back.

However, his plans are thwarted when Belle offers her services at the B&B.

Diane is upset to hear Belle talk badly about her management skills.

Angry, Diane confides in Rodney.

Trapped in the moment, tipsy Diane can’t help but agree when Rodney asks to move in with her.

He is enthusiastic about the new living conditions.

However, Diane regrets her drunken night with Rodney and wants to tell him he can’t move in.

When Diane is injured, she is extradited to Rodney.

7. Can Bob and Marlon sort things out?

Marlon orders Bob to stay away from April.

However, he is discouraged to see April sob softly after witnessing the exchange.

Marlon blames Bob when April turns him on. But can the couple reach a truce for April?

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