Emmerdale Spoiler: Revealed in Brand New Pictures Next Week – Sep 27th

Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Leyla is suspicious of Liam’s relationship.

Meanwhile, Paddy is blackmailed by Al and Chloe makes a discovery about Noah.

All of this and more at Emmerdale next week.

Emmerdale spoilers: Next week

1. Emmerdale spoiler: Leyla suspects Liam is having an affair

Leyla can’t help but notice that Liam has been acting strangely since he started at Hotten General.

She goes to the hospital but is puzzled to find that he doesn’t work there.

She confronts Liam, but fears he’s hiding something.

After making a frivolous comment, Mandy fears that he may have an affair with Bernice.

When Leyla sees Liam putting flowers in his car, she persuades Priya to follow him.

The mystery deepens when Priya and Leyla follow him to a house that has a “For Sale” sign outside. ‘

When Liam later returns to Tenants, Leyla is stunned by his excited mood and the fact that he claims to have been at work.

Liam’s inability to be honest now pains Leyla even more.

Leyla continues her research on how Liam spent his days looking at his sat nav history.

Soon she will make a decision.

Priya continues to disapprove of Leyla’s approach to Liam’s lies.

2. Paddy blackmailed

Paddy feels uncomfortable fearing Kim will reveal the truth about horse doping.

Kim plays with him that she has not yet decided whether she will keep silent about the horse doping.

She says it depends on what the police find.

As the Woolpack’s financial struggles continue, Chas asks Paddy if he has any more work to do on the racetrack.

Paddy feels guilty and runs away.

He feels trapped when Kim asks him to dope her horse again.

Al is suspicious of catching the two of them in the middle of such a subdued conversation.

He later blackmailed Paddy.

3. Chloe makes a discovery about Noah

Chloe is lonely and evasive when she tells Noah and Sarah about their family life.

When she bursts into tears, Sarah and Noah don’t know how to comfort her.

But Noah finally manages to find the right words.

Sarah later discovers with horror that Noah is secretly into Chloe.

Noah promises to keep her identity a secret as long as Sarah lets him come to Chloe’s secret meeting.

However, Noah’s face is soon red when Chloe hears that he calls her his girlfriend.

Sarah and Noah have to say goodbye to Chloe.

Chloe gives Sarah a diamond necklace.

4. Rhona to jail?

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The fighting in April continues to weigh heavily on Marlon.

Marlon is unforgiving when Bob later confronts him and asks him for news in April.

Marlon is discouraged to hear the assault charges against Rhona are set to be on trial.

5. Emmerdale spoilers: Harriet makes a decision about her future

PC Swirling tells her the police are recruiting.

He tells her to consider rejoining the force and she is left thoughtful.

Harriet opens up to Dawn, explaining that she has felt a lack of purposefulness following Malone’s murder.

Will she go to the police again?

7. A heartbreaking day for Chas

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Chas battles her overwhelming sadness when she reveals to Faith and Liv that tomorrow is the anniversary of Grace’s death.

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