Emmerdale SPOILER: The Dingle Family Find Out About Faith’s Illness? (July 19)

Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Sarah learns of Faith’s health concerns.

A few weeks ago, Faith collapsed in pain and she went to the hospital to have some tests.

Pollard told Brenda about Faith’s health problems and she agreed to move her into Pollard’s barn and the three of them live together.

In next week’s scenes, Brenda, Faith, and Pollard shop for a special lunch, but David comments on their strange dynamic.

Faith, Pollard and Brenda seem to be happily living together (Image: ITV)

Mackenzie makes coded remarks about the nature of their living conditions.

Brenda tells Faith again to tell her family about her health concerns, but Faith wants to wait until she is diagnosed before telling them anything.

While lifting a few boxes, Brenda pulls a muscle and Faith gives her a massage.

Mackenzie arrives soon and overhears a fascinating conversation between the two women.

Back in the village, Mack can’t stop gossiping about what’s going on in the barn.

Emmerdale Spoiler: Sarah learns about Faith’s health concerns

Sarah worries about faith (Image: ITV)

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Later, Sarah walks in and overhears Faith talking about death.

Faith is concerned when Sarah asks if Faith’s cancer has returned. Faith admits she had tests but insists no one can know about them yet.

Meanwhile, the bludgers confront Pollard, who wants to ward off suspicion.

Faith asks a desperate Sarah to keep quiet about what she has told her.

However, Chas demands the truth from her mother. It looks like Faith will be forced to come in with her family.

Will Faith tell her family the truth? (Photo credit: ITV)

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Will she tell you the truth?

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