Emmerdale SPOILERS: Faith Leaves the Village?

Emmerdale spoilers reveal Faith wants to leave the village again.

Faith Dingle will be back in the village this week. However, after all that has happened, her return does not go down well with Cain.

The Dingle Court goes ahead (Credit: ITV)

On the other hand, Faith’s daughter Chas admits that she missed her mother. It doesn’t take long before Cain and Chas argue about whether Faith can stay.

You soon decide there is only one thing – a dingle dish.

In the next week’s scenes, the Dingle Farm checks whether Faith can stay in the village. Moira defends her vote for Faith against a smoldering Cain, pointing out that she was only trying to help him.

Will Faith have problems with Cain and Moira? (Photo credit: ITV)

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She anxiously asks him not to let his anger deter his new granddaughter Frankie. But Cain urges Moira to choose either side.

Moira is concerned about Cain’s ultimatum and tells Chas and Paddy that she is beginning to regret her vote.

Emmerdale Spoiler: Faith Leaves the Village?

When Paddy asks if it is really a good idea to leave Faith in the village when she’s already causing misery, Chas is torn.

What they don’t realize, however, is that Faith overheard their conversation. She wonders if the fight is too big this time and begins to make a decision.

Later, Zak calls Cain to the Dingles, pointing out that his belief that Faith doesn’t love him has spoiled his life.

Moira catches Faith sneaking out of the village (Image credit: ITV)

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He suggests that if they can solve things, Cain can get out of this torment. But Cain is illegible.

Meanwhile, Moira catches Faith leaving the village and cannot believe that she would sneak away without saying goodbye to her family.

Can Moira persuade her mother-in-law to stay or will she leave the thing again?

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