Emmerdale SPOILERS: Paul Ashdale meets Liv Flaherty reveals Reece Dinsdale

Emmerdale star Reece Dinsdale teased Paul Ashdale and met Liv Flaherty.

The actor plays the gambling addict and violent perpetrator Paul in the ITV soap.

Will Paul Ashdale attack Liv Flaherty? (Photo credit: ITV)

Viewers watched Paul physically beat his son Vinny for months on end.

He made Vinny hide his lies and play in front of Mother Mandy.

But Vinny’s friend Liv realizes something is wrong – and next week she’s going to confront Paul about the abuse.

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Actor Reece has revealed, however, that she will not be fine.

“We know that his drunk father beat Paul and that he has now learned to hit other people and share this terrible violence,” he told the press.

The more she says, the more Paul loses control.

“But there is no evidence that he ever hit a woman. The only woman who wouldn’t be entertained for a second is Mandy.

Liv will expose Paul (Photo credit: ITV)

“There wouldn’t be a wedding if there was any inkling that he would have done this for a woman.

“Paul is a cornered animal now. He is trapped in a barn with Liv who has all the cards in hand. First of all, he does what he always does and denies everything. But the more she says, the more Paul loses control. “

There will be a shock death in Emmerdale next week – but who will it be?

Who’s gonna die in Emmerdale next week? Bookmakers give their chances of winning free

Emmerdale bosses don’t know exactly who will be killed. But bookies have started posting chances of who they think will be killed.

Ladbrokes has released its odds of who will die in the upcoming scenes.

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The odds on Paul Ashdale are 5/4.

Ladbrokes’ Jessica O’Reilly said: “Emmerdale fans wouldn’t be too sad if Paul left the show and chances are his fall could lead to his death.”

Other characters on the list include Jimmy King at odds of 2/1, Nicola King and Juliette Holliday, both at 3/1, Liv Flaherty at 7/2, Mandy Dingle 4/1, Mackenzie Boyd 6/1, Aaron Dingle 7 / 1 and Vinny 8/1.

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