Emmerdale Spoilers: Revealed in Brand New Pictures Next Week (Jul 19)

Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Meena is convincing Liam to get rid of Leanna’s stuff.

Meanwhile, Nicola tries to save her marriage and Victoria gets news from Robert.

All of this and more at Emmerdale next week.

Emmerdale spoilers: Next week

1. Meena plays the hero

Liam is missing and Leyla is furious while Meena is upset. David flatters Leyla.

Meena finds Liam slumped on a bench next to the crematorium.

When she apologizes for his loss, Liam has no idea that he is sitting with his daughter’s killer.

He can’t escape his memories of Leanna and Meena suggests that he clean up her belongings.

Meena proudly returns to the village with Liam and enjoys her role as a heroine.

Later, Leyla is concerned to see Liam piling garbage bags with Leanna’s things outside.

She is mad at Meena for suggesting that Liam get rid of Leanna’s things.

The next day, Meena feigns sincerity and apologizes to Leyla.

2. Jacob and Liam drop out

Jacob criticizes Liam for getting rid of Leanna’s things like they were trash.

Accusations fly between Jacob and Liam, and Leyla offers to leave Liam alone, repeating that she loves him.

Liam asks her not to go and says he needs her more than ever.

The next day, Liam asks for help with Leanna’s funeral.

Jacob offers to help, but Leyla isn’t sure this is a good idea.

Finally, Leyla agrees as long as they keep it a secret from Liam.

3. Nicola tries to save her marriage

Jimmy and Nicola go out on a date, but their marriage is still under pressure.

Nicola confides in Laurel that their marriage is in serious trouble and that reconciliation is being forced.

Laurel challenges her to remember what solved her problems in the past.

Laurel suggests that she borrow a sexy dress.

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When Jimmy comes home, Nicola is in the mood for a romantic evening and wears Laurel’s dress.

Will it work?

The next day, Nicola returns home for a candlelit dinner and Jimmy dresses up.

They bond over past memories, but when Nicola speaks of his loyalty, Jimmy’s guilt overwhelms him.

4. Sarah learns about Faith’s health problems

Brenda, Faith and Pollard shop for a special lunch, but David comments on their strange dynamic.

Mackenzie makes coded remarks about the nature of their living conditions.

Brenda tells Faith to tell her family about her health concerns, but Faith wants to wait for her diagnosis.

While lifting boxes, Brenda pulls a muscle and Faith massages her.

Mack arrives and overhears a fascinating conversation between the two.

Back in the village, Mack can’t stop gossiping about what’s going on in the barn.

When Sarah walks in and overhears Faith talking about death, she is concerned and asks Faith if her cancer is back.

Faith admits she had tests, but no one else can know.

In the pub, bludgers confront Pollard, who squirms to fend off suspicion.

Faith asks a desperate Sarah to keep calm.

However, Chas appears and demands to know the truth.

It looks like Faith will be forced to get clean.

5. Victoria has news about Robert

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Victoria announces that Robert has decided not to contest his conviction. Aaron promises to always be there for her.

Victoria tells Wendy, who is in conflict.

Meanwhile, Ben is not being truthful about his life to Aaron and everything eventually becomes clear.

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