Emmerdale star Lisa Riley feels “condemned” on set for mourning her mother

Emmerdale star Lisa Riley has claimed she feels “judged” on set for grieving for her mother.

Lisa’s mother, Cath, died in her daughter’s arms in 2012 after a long and valiant battle with breast cancer.

And nine years later, Lisa admitted that she was still mourning her mother.

Emmerdale star Lisa Riley fought back tears on the show today (Image credit: ITV)

What did Emmerdale star Lisa Riley say about grief?

Lisa appeared on Lorraine today (October 11th) to talk about the launch of her new Grief Podcast.

The actress said there was no schedule for the grief and told Lorraine that everyone handled it their own way.

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She said, “I wanted to be incredibly honest and tell the truth about what I go through every day.

“The arduous struggle I have massively with being judged. I have it with Emmerdale on set when I’m at work, ”she claimed.

Lisa Riley Emmerdale
Lisa’s mother Cath died in her arms in 2012 after battling cancer (Image: ITV)

‘You should be over it by now’

Lisa continued, “Everyone knows me as the fun, happy personality that I am. But on the days that I’m down, I think, “It’s okay, it’s okay,” because I feel like I’m being judged.

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“People say, ‘Come on, Lise, it’s been nine years – you should be over it by now.’

“Well no – it’s just as bad today as it was when mom died nine years ago in July,” she said.

Lisa Riley Emmerdale
The actress got emotional when this picture of her and her mother flashed on the screen (Image Credit: ITV)

Lisa Riley on her mother’s legacy

Later in the chat, Lisa remembered celebrating her last birthday with her mother, who was receiving palliative care at the time.

The star looked visibly choked when a picture flashed on the screen of herself and her beloved mother enjoying their birthday dinner.

Lisa said, “This really breaks my heart because she made such a difference.

“She came into the restaurant feeling so bad and, as always, ordered her garlic prawns.”

Lisa fought back tears and continued, “She was so sick, but she did and she was there for so long that I can remember. For my birthday she made this effort.

“I think what a legacy to leave in life.”

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