Emmerdale storylines revealed in pictures for next week!

Soap spoilers for next week watch Emmerdale’s Jamie think of a disgusting plan to solve his problems with Gabby.

Meanwhile, Faith leaves the dingles and Charity accidentally leaves Al for dead.

All of this and more in the Emmerdale soap spoilers for next week.

1. Jamie’s sick plan

Gabby is mad at Nicola for telling Bernice about her pregnancy.

Everyone is shocked when Gabby reveals some home truths about her mother.

Diane is surprised when Laurel stands by Gabby during their chatter.

Laurel quietly explains that she is trying to keep Gabby on the side and out of Kim’s clutches.

With Gabby on the home farm, Jamie feels trapped when she offers to cook them dinner.

Mack soon has a shocking plan that could solve all of Jamie’s problems.

But if even Jamie gets sick from the suggestion, will he make it?

He’s later upset when Dawn reveals that she knows about Gabby’s pregnancy.

Dawn tells him that despite Jamie’s declaration of love, there will never be anything between them.

Will his heartache make him agree to Mack’s grim plan?

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2. Faith makes a runner

Things are tense between Cain and Moira after Moira voted to leave Faith in the village.

Moira tells Paddy and Chas that she regrets her voice because of the pain Cain is causing.

Paddy asks if Faith can stay when she’s already causing misery.

Little does he know, Faith overheard the whole thing.

Faith realizes that the problems she caused are beyond repair and makes a decision to go.

Moira later catches Faith sneaking out of the village.

She is furious that Faith would leave without saying goodbye.

Can she convince them to stay?

3. Charity Accidentally Kills Al?

Priya is furious when Al falsely accuses her of putting dirt on a customer.

Despite their protests, Al Priya immediately fires.

Later, Charity breaks into the HOP office to steal contact from a customer.

She hopes the customer information could get her back into Chas’s good books.

But Al catches her red-handed and she is forced to distract him.

Charity throws a trophy in the air and runs away.

But when Al runs to catch the trophy, he falls and hits his head.

Charity stares at Al as he lies motionless on the floor. Did she just accidentally kill him?

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4. Wedding bells for Mandy and Paul

With Paul still acting dodgy, Mandy and Vinny worry that he will have PTSD after the kidnapping.

Paul jumps on the excuse and is secretly happy when they swear to support him.

Later, Mandy is thrilled when Paul organizes a family bike tour.

When Al Mandy tries to spray him with her bike, Paul enters.

Mandy passed out when Paul jumps in her defense and soon suggests that they get married as soon as possible.

Mandy doesn’t waste time asking Lydia to be her bridesmaid, but Lydia fears that Paul will never change.

Is she right to be concerned?

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