Employers can legally require employees to receive coronavirus jabs

Government ministers have announced that your employer could legally require you to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

With the launch in the UK, the British have been invited to receive the coronavirus vaccine – and can choose not to if they so choose.

However, MPs have now stated that employers can ask employees to receive the vaccine.

And all because the employees are obliged to protect themselves and others in accordance with health and safety laws.

Your employer might require you to have the COVID-19 vaccine (credit: Pexels)

What did MPs say about bosses enforcing the COVID-19 vaccine?

The problem appears to have divided Whitehall, according to the Telegraph.

Companies looking to expand their health and safety policies to insist that all employees are vaccinated against the virus appear to be able to take a “jab for a job” approach.

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The government source revealed, “Health and safety laws say you need to protect other people at work, and when it comes to protecting other people, the argument gets stronger.

“Jab for Jobs” is completely wrong on all fronts.

“If there is clear evidence that vaccines prevent transmission, the next step is to make sure that more and more people take the vaccine.”

Those with a medical reason not to have the vaccine should be exempt from the scheme, the source added.

Covid-19 vaccination
The vaccine roll-out is in full swing (Image credit: PinPep / Shutterstock)

What would happen before a tribunal?

While you’d think employers might run into problems firing those who don’t have the vaccine, previous labor courts don’t seem to be suggesting that much.

The paper reports that previous tribunals of employees fired for lack of isolation with an infectious disease ruled in favor of the employer.

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However, labor lawyers have advised employers to consult workers to get the COVID-19 vaccine instead of enforcing it.

Charlie Mullins, head of Pimlico Plumbers, is just one employer that has announced that it plans to launch a “Jabs for Jobs” program.

He has consulted lawyers to make vaccines mandatory for all new hires.

It should also deal with changes to existing personnel contracts.

Person receiving vaccine
Bosses could enforce a “Jab for Jobs” program (Credit: Pexels)

How did the British react to the news?

It’s fair to say the British are divided on the news.

Many said it was “wrong”.

“FALSE! What’s next? Are you losing your job because you refuse to undergo medical intervention but you cannot claim unemployment because you have purposely made yourself unemployed? THIS IS WRONG!” slammed one.

“Jab for Jobs is completely wrong on all fronts,” said another.

“If my boss wants me to be vaccinated or ask for tests, my boss will advertise a new job as I will resign!” another explained.

“I’ll let the court decide, thanks,” said another.

However, some were all in favor of the proposals.

“Sick pay should be based on whether or not a person has turned down a vaccine,” commented one.

“Good – we need these new laws. Otherwise people won’t listen. Make it the law and solve all problems, ”said another.

“No push, no job, no excuse. That’s it, ”said another.

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