Eros Now will release a relatable piece of life quickie ‘Thoda Adjust Please’.

Eros Now, South Asia’s premier streaming entertainment service from Eros STX Global Corporation (NYSE: EROS), a global entertainment company, has expanded its content strategy with the launch of Eros Now Quickie, the best movie and series in a nutshell. After entertaining a million viewers with quickies like “A Viral Wedding”, “The Investigation”, “Date Gone Wrong”, Eros Now is back with the lighthearted track “Thoda Adjust Please” which will give viewers a blow 17. February 2021.

Directed by the talented Archit Kumar, Thoda Adjust Please is a funny drama series that highlights two couples from very different parts of the world who live under one roof. This humorous story tells of their quest to make their dreams come true, the eccentricities of everyday life and the ups and downs each couple faces due to their different personalities.

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The series is characterized by real experience and really stays focused on the story arc. She takes four people on an exciting journey, a crazy rollercoaster ride with its peculiarities and insecurities, in which lies, love, lust and longing rule over logic. Featuring Rohan Khurana, Malhaar Rathod, Aanchal Sharma, Gandharv Dewan, Lakshay Kochhar, and Garima Yagnik, this story about the four shenanigans trying to make sense of love, life, careers, and relationships while making a special bond will bring you up tie to the end.

The series shows couples with regular problems and realistic reactions. Thoda Adjust Please is easy and makes you smile. So if you feel like kicking back, relaxing and seeing something light on the weekend, Thoda Adjust Please is the perfect start.

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Ridhima Lulla, Chief Content Officer of the Eros Group, comments on the Eros Now Quickie addition: “With the Quickie offering, we are creating high-quality short-form programs that improve the viewing experience and help them watch carefree shows. Thoda Adjust Please is a compelling narrative series beautifully put together with four unique personalities coming together under one roof and overcoming daily hurdles. “

Archit Kumar, director of Thoda Adjust Please, mentions: “Thoda Adjust Please is a comedy show with a heart for me. Our attempt was not just to evoke laughter, but to create inspiring moments between characters that we can connect with. My most valuable experience at Thoda Adjust Please will surely be the spontaneous laughter you go through on set while trying to write a script comedy.

Malhaar Rathod shares her experience: “Thoda Adjust Please is a beautiful story that is easy to connect with. I am happy to play such a beautiful character from Isha. The alluring plot that moves along the twists and turns of life attracted me to the character. I’m looking forward to the show and hope that audiences enjoy watching the show as much as I do. “

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