Escape To The Country Guest “Sick” by Jonnie Irwin’s Choice of Accommodation

Escape To The Country host Jonnie Irwin was overwhelmed when a guest found out he was a little “sick” with his choice of property.

On the BBC show, the real estate agent went to Worcestershire to find a new home for the married couple Melissa and Nick.

And with a budget of £ 900,000, Jonnie was very busy.

Jonnie Irwin traveled to Worcestershire in Escape To The Country (Image Credit: BBC)

What happened at Escape To The Country?

Melissa and Nick stated that they were dying to leave Surrey after 21 years.

The two were looking for a detached property with four bedrooms and plenty of space for their dogs.

Jonnie got off to a good start showing the couple a stunning property that they clearly loved.

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The room had a country kitchen and a swimming pool.

Melissa enthused, “You couldn’t have designed a better house. I am speechless, which is a first for me. “

However, the presenter could not get the same response when looking at the second property.

The couple weren’t a fan of the features at the time (Credit: BBC)

In contrast to the first house, the couple seemed disappointed with the listed wooden building.

In the meantime, they didn’t like the “wobbly” floorboards.

As the couple looked around the property, Melissa explained that she felt sick.

Jonnie asked, “Are you getting seasick?”

She also replied: “Yes. I don’t feel like that the first time [property] did. I love the character, I love the bars, but something just doesn’t attract you like the first real one. “

Eventually, the couple made an offer for the first house they’d looked at.

Melissa felt “sick” (Photo Credit: BBC)

Jonnie Irwin opens up family life

Meanwhile, Jonnie also recently moved home.

Earlier this year, the BBC star announced that he and his wife Jessica had moved to Newcastle from Hertfordshire.

The couple share sons Rex, Rafa and Cormac.

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Speak with HELLO!Jonnie explained, “Maybe it was part of a very smart master plan.

“The idea was to expand our family home, so we got the building permit. So we went into lockdown single-handedly. “

He also added, “Since we’ve been up here, we’ve seen how great it is to have family and friends around. They all waded in and helped and never felt like they were doing us a favor. “

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