Every year Somy Ali associates imaginary rakhi with her younger brother Mohammad Ali

Somy Ali sounds emotional when she talks about her Raksha Bandhan celebrations. The Bollywood actress turned human also shares that every year this festival brings back happy memories that she shared with her siblings in their childhood. “The closest person to me in this whole universe is my younger brother Mohammad (who owns an advertising agency in Los Angeles). It’s a shame we don’t have the rakhi ritual, ”says Somy, who was born in Pakistan and now lives in Miami, where she heads her NGO No More Tears.

She continues: “Nevertheless, with every Raksha Bandhan I bind an imaginary Rakhi to my Chota Bhai and in return he donates to No More Tears so that I can save more lives.” The loving sister then talks about her younger brother and what their bond is makes it so special. She also says that she and Mohammed get along well.

“A brother is your protector. He is your confidante and one who will never judge you but will correct you if you are on the wrong path. He will never let you give up and will always be by your side. That connection can never be broken no matter how much we argue or don’t talk to each other for months about some idiotic things we said to each other in anger. But he will always make sure that you are okay. A brother is more than sharing the same blood. He’s the one who will never let you down, no matter what the circumstances. Since my mother was a huge fan of Muhammad Ali, my brother’s boxer was named after him, ”she adds.

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