Everything about Drag Race’s first AFAB queen


RuPaul’s Drag Race UK has officially left the starting line and Victoria Scone has already made a name for herself in the competition.

The Cardiffer native made her story as the first AFAB queen to ever appear on the show. But will she get the win too?

It seems she is more than ready for this – let the games begin!

Everything you need to know about them is here, including where to find them online.

Victoria Scone is ready for action! (Credit: BBC)

Victoria Scone: Pronouns, Instagram and Info

Preferred pronouns in drag: You / you

Preferred pronouns from drag: You / you

Instagram handle: @VictoriaScone

The 27-year-old Cardiff Queen describes herself as a “camp, cabaret, disco diva” with a hell of a lot of sperm.

Victoria’s act, which has been dragging for the past three years, focuses a lot on “utter nonsense” and is all colorful and camp.

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“I’m very inspired by traditional dress, pantomime and the older Welsh queens,” she said. “People like Ceri Dupree really inspired me. I like to mix my traditional costume with fashion and to blur the lines of panto, fashion and costume. ”

“I sing, I dance. I’m quick-witted and creative, “she said. “I’m everything a drag queen should be. I do a lot of traditional British drag. I am the entire entertainment package. “

Victoria Scone
Victoria makes waves in the drag race, but will she take the crown? (Credit: world of wonders)

What does AFAB mean?

AFAB means “assigned woman at birth”.

While Drag Race has seen several transgender stars through their doors, Victoria is the first AFAB star to ever appear on the show.

But Victoria says this should have nothing to do with her skills in the art of drawing and says it “feels right” for AFAB queens to be featured on the series.

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“I definitely didn’t invent the art of dragging for women. I’m not the first and I sure won’t be the last, ”she said. “But I feel very capable and proud to have survived the application process and to be the first in the Drag Race UK.

“It’s political that I’m here, but you can just have fun with it. That’s why I started. I just wanted to entertain people and that’s what we’re going to do! Pulling can be fun! ”

“I understand it’s helpful AFAB. to use [..] when we’re specifically talking about the fact that I don’t own certain cis-male drag queen genitals, “she added. “But we don’t refer to cis-male drag queens as AMAB queens, so as a practical tip I would just call us all drag queens or drag artists, and if you need to know, I’ll identify myself as a Tony Award!”

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK continues at 7pm on BBC Three on Thursdays.

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