Everything you need to know about the new range from The Cabins


Fans of the ITV2 dating show The Cabins will be delighted to hear that a new series hits screens – very soon.

The Cabins became ITV Hub’s most popular entertainment show when it debuted earlier this year.

If you are new, you can still catch up on the first series and read everything you need to know about the second series here.

the itv2 cabins
The new series from The Cabins starts in ITV2 in the new year (Image: ITV)

What is “The Cabins” about?

Bored of dating apps, ghosting and endless texts, singles are selected by the love experts at The Cabins and compared with another candidate.

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The two then have to spend 24 hours together in the intimate luxury of a Welsh log cabin before deciding whether to spend more time together – or leave.

In the words of ITV2: “Ingletons are leaving the dating apps behind, giving up ghosting and shedding the catfish to get to know each other for 24 hours in an intimate log cabin.”

the itv2 cabins
Even if it’s the middle of winter, you can bet your lower dollar that there will be some hot tub action (Image Credit: ITV)

What is the new series from The Cabins that was filmed?

They are literally cottages in Wales.

And they have super fun names – Otter’s Pocket, Stag’s Mount, and Beaver’s Burrow – and each cabin is decorated to pay tribute to their name.

There’s plenty of romantic luxuries too, including hot tubs and cozy love-seat couches that are covered in soft furnishings.

When is The Cabins active again?

The second series of the dating show will air on January 3, 2022 on ITV2.

Episodes will also be available on ITV Hub.

You can also follow ITV2’s social media accounts for the latest news and gossip from The Cabins.

Follow her Instagram here.

And twitter here.

the itv2 cabins
Couples will go on a mission to find love while tucked away in a cozy cabin (Image Credit: ITV)

What’s new in the Cabins season two?

There are a few changes for the new series to keep things nice and fresh.

The first innovation is that this time the cabins are snuggled together. This allows participants to meet, clap, and debrief the other couples.

This gives viewers a chance to see what the couples really think of each other.

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In addition to some neighborly time, the second series will introduce some brand new private spaces for dates, which means there is plenty for the couples to explore together.

the itv2 cabins
The three cabins are close to each other – so there is time for a neighborly conversation (Image: ITV)

Some surprise visitors will also arrive in this series. These take the form of friends or family of the participants.

How does an outsider’s opinion affect the couple?

The reunion show The Cabins Reunion: Out Of The Woods is also returning.

Every Saturday evening, the participants meet with hosts David Potts and Yasmin Evans to exchange ideas.

David will travel across the country to see those who have checked out of the huts, to see if the love blooms from the forest.

The cabins start on Monday 3rd January at 9 p.m. on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

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