Ex ITV Good Morning UK host Piers Morgan explains what happened.

Piers Morgan has addressed his exit from the ITV show Good Morning Britain on social media and offered fans a “perfect recap” of what he claims.

During the day, the former television presenter shared on Twitter what happened when he stepped down from his position on the show.

Piers Morgan sensationally left GMB earlier this month (Photo credit: Mark Milan / SplashNews.com)

What did Piers Morgan say about his exit from the ITV show Good Morning Britain?

A Twitter user who tagged Piers wrote, “I’ll tell you why I respect @piersmorgan, whether I agree or disagree.

“He said something, meant it sincerely, was attacked for it, then held by his guns, accepted the consequences. He owned what he said and he was serious. I can’t blame him for that. “

susanna reid and piers morgan
The former GMB host shared a “perfect recap” of what happened (Credit: ITV).

Piers shared the tweet for his 7.9 million followers on the social media platform.

He thanked the user and said his tweet summarized his exit perfectly.

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Piers wrote, “Thank you. This is a perfect summary of what happened. “

What did Piers fans say?

However, the Life Stories host’s supporters were divided in the responses.

One said: “Agreed. You never retreat and fight for what you believe in! People want to hate you, but want to be you too! I just love you!”

Thank you. This is a perfect summary of what happened.

Another wrote: “I have admired Piers very much over the past year for the way he has dealt with the pandemic. I see he’s also a great friend for those going through tough times … they are lucky enough to have him as a partner. “

However, someone else said, “No, it’s not that. What happened was Piers and Meghan were friends, she dropped him and like a kid he took every opportunity to attack her. “

Moderator Piers had refused to apologize for his comments on the Duchess of Sussex (Photo credit: SplashNews.com)

Piers reaches for wedding claims

It comes after Piers Morgan slapped Meghan Markle again after it was reported that she and Prince Harry did not secretly marry before their official wedding.

Piers left GMB earlier this month after refusing to apologize for comments he made about the Duchess of Sussex.

On the program, Piers said he didn’t believe the claims Meghan made in her interview with Oprah Winfrey.

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During the chat, Meghan said she and Harry actually tied the knot before the ceremony at Windsor Castle, but reports suggest they didn’t.

Stephen Borton, a former senior executive in the faculty office, said the service Meghan was referring to is not the official wedding.

And Piers couldn’t resist commenting on the revelation. He shared an article about it with his Twitter followers and asked them, “Do we still have to believe her?”

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