Ex-trash of Duchess Palace alleged bullying

One of Meghan Markle’s kids is the youngest to defend the royals on allegations of bullying.

Just before the Duchess of Sussex’s bomb interview with US presenter Oprah Winfrey The times reported on a complaint from the couple’s then communications secretary Jason Knauf in October 2018.

It has been alleged that Meghan was responsible for driving two assistants from the palace household.

Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle allegedly bullied palace staff (Image credit: SplashNews.com)

Meghan Markle at the latest: what did her ex-boyfriend say?

Now her first boyfriend, actor and director Joshua Silverstein has turned up the allegations. He said he couldn’t see Meghan being responsible for the bullying.

In a chat with Us weeklyJoshua said he think Meghan was the type of person who “does whatever she feels” to “be happy”.

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He believes the Duchess of Sussex did everything possible to live in a “system” – that is, in the royal family – that she was “probably not very welcome”.

Meghan’s ex-boyfriend Joshua Silverstein said he couldn’t see her bullying anyone (Photo credit: Joshua Silverstein / YouTube)

Joshua says Meghan “does what she wants” to be happy

Joshua stated, “I see her doing whatever it is supposed to do to be happy and coexist in a system that probably wasn’t very welcome to who she is and where she is from.”

He went on to say that when women “talk” to color, “white” will see their behavior in a “negative way”.

I see her doing whatever she should do to be happy.

The author continued, “When you find women of color – especially black women – who stand up for themselves and speak out against what they perceive to be disrespect or oppression, white often tends to classify it negatively because of them don’t want it to happen.

Meghan’s ex said he thinks she’s doing what she wants to be happy (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Society claims that “women of color” “know their place”.

“It’s almost like people are expected to know their place, and when they disagree, people say it’s a problem.”

In response to allegations of bullying, a spokesman for Prince Harry and Meghan described the allegations as an “attack on their character”.

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In a statement, they said: “The Duchess is saddened by this recent attack on her character, particularly as someone who was the target of bullying herself …

“… and deeply determined to support those who have experienced pain and trauma.”

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