Expert details ‘saddest part’ of the model’s downward spiral


Katie Price is in the news for all the wrong reasons, as her recent downward spiral resulted in an alcohol-powered car accident and her admission to rehab.

Now, Liz Ritchie, integrative psychotherapist at St Andrew’s Healthcare, has spoken about the saddest part of Katie’s recent troubles.

And she has exclusively shared with Entertainment Daily what to do to keep her life on track when she leaves rehab.

Katie price news
Model Katie Price admitted driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol (Image: ITV)

Katie Price News: “Saddest Part” of Her Downward Spiral

Liz, who has worked with Katie in the past, said, “It’s such a sad situation.

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“She is a lovely person, but she is vulnerable. Unfortunately, I think that vulnerability is being exploited in various aspects of their lives. And that’s really the saddest thing, I think. “

Liz added, “Katie now has to allow herself to be vulnerable. She has to take good care of herself and not try to jump back like this person who was never really affected. “

Katie price news
She will be spending four weeks at The Priory seeking help for her demons (Image Credit: Splash News)

What help will Katie need in the future?

After revealing that Katie will likely receive “trauma therapy” in rehab, Liz also detailed what the model will need when she returns home.

“When you go to rehab, you get a lot of tools and skills and coping mechanisms. This intensive therapy will give her the coping mechanisms to work with when she leaves therapy. “

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However, she added, “She would do well to have a therapist who she can visit once a month as a maintenance program.

“The danger is that you will find yourself in intense rehab for a short period of time, coming out and feeling invincible.

“You think I did this, I cracked this, I’m fine. And of course not.

“When you are there, you are supported, looked after and looked after. When she gets out she needs someone to support her over the long term.

“It’s not about a therapist telling Katie what to do. It’s about a therapist who guides you, who supports you. Someone who gives her the skills to help herself. “

Katie price news
An expert revealed how Katie can keep her life on track after rehab (Image credit: Splash News)

Katie has to be nice to herself

Liz added that Katie needs to work on being nice to herself while she recovers.

“Katie needs a sense of reality about herself,” she said. “Katie needs to have a lot of self-acceptance and a real sense of compassion for herself.

“After everything she’s been through, it’s almost like she’s on this roller coaster of events, experiences and emotions without really getting away from it,” she concluded.

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