Experts strictly curse the “deep relationship” between Tilly Ramsay and Nikita

All eyes are on the Strictly dance floor tonight (September 25th) and it’s the so-called curse.

In fact, one body language expert who predicted that Joe Sugg and Dianne Buswell’s relationship would be formed through their behavior on the show before they went public believes that some stars and professionals have already forged strong bonds.

Could there be another case of the Strictly Curse this year?

Darren Stanton believes that gestures between dance partners can be very insightful and crucial to success in the BBC One competition. But can it lead to more?

He admitted, “Dance is all about communication and the success of any group depends on the closeness and relationship that exists between each couple.”

Tilly Ramsay and Nikita Kuzmin could win the series based on their interactions, the pundit believes (Credit: BBC)

Which Strictly Come Dancing Stars Made It?

According to Darren, Gordon Ramsay’s daughter Tilly and her dance pro Nikita Kuzmin work well together.

Ahead of the first real show in the 2021 series, Darren said, “When it comes to respect and communication, it seems like a number of great relationships have already been formed.

“But the first notable one that I believe has a great, deep connection is between Tilly Ramsay and Nikita.

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“I think Gordon Ramsay needs to keep a close eye on Nikita as he really likes Tilly on all levels,” he said of the professional dancer who has a long-time girlfriend.

“It was clear from the start that they would get along with a tight hug. And the couple seem to be very tactile with each other. But I am sure that Nikita will show himself at his best with Gordon Ramsay. “

Darren also predicts their bond will keep the couple moving forward strongly – and could even win.

Who else gelled?

Darren also believes that because of their interactions, Amy Dowden and Tom Fletcher have the potential to perform well.

He claims, “Watching Amy and Tom was very interesting. Amy is clearly a little bit fond of Tom because she was clearly a huge fan back then.

“When the couple was introduced in the recording studio, Amy’s body language was that of an excited little girl. It was clear that she was really excited to be in the group’s presence.

“In terms of communication and eye contact, they’re a couple that have already gelled.”

Conversely, Darren suggests that the dance couples Robert Webb and Dianne as well as Greg Wise and Karen Hauer also connect or form a “deep harmony”.

What could be signs that the “Strict Curse” might strike?

While Darren admits that it’s too early to point out that relationships could develop beyond the dance floor, he notes that there are certain signals that could be observed as clues that people are getting along.

He said, “When people are doing well, they tend to adapt to each other’s posture in breathing, gestures, body and hand movements, and the way they look at each other.

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“Normal eye contact when communicating with friends or colleagues usually takes three seconds. Extended eye contact at the five-second mark should be reserved for very close friends, romantic partners or family.

“If a couple looks longingly in the eye for this time or longer, that is a real tell-tale sign.”

So we will all keep an eye on eye performance, not feet!

Darren Stanton analyzed the couples from Strictly Come Dancing 2021 on behalf of the coffee merchant Coffee friend.

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