Faith and Dylan were involved in a fatal ambulance accident tonight

The lives of BBC Casualty favorites Faith and Dylan hang in the balance tonight (January 23) as they are caught in a fatal ambulance accident.

Hospital staff are exposed to more heartbreak and devastation when a truck crashes into the ambulance it is in.

The medic Pravi is killed instantly – but without anyone knowing where he is, the victims’ victims watch as Faith and Dylan fight for survival.

Casualty’s Faith and Dylan are fighting for their lives tonight (Credit: BBC)

What’s happening tonight in Casualty on BBC One?

Today’s episode promises to change Faith and Dylan’s lives – and their relationship – forever.

But it’s not all doom and darkness as viewers will see the two finally share their feelings for each other when faced with dire circumstances.

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The couple are forced to accompany a patient during a transfer to St. James and require an elevator back to Holby.

You get back a confidential elevator in an ambulance with the paramedic Pravi.

But during the trip you can’t help but secretly text yourself.

With Faith in the back of the ambulance, Dyaln sits in the front for them to text flirt.

Faith lingers in the accident with internal bleeding (Credit: BBC)

Dylan and Faith in serious danger

However, if a truck suddenly crashes into the ambulance, Pravi is killed instantly.

When Dylan regains consciousness, he is appalled that his phone and radio are broken.

Worse still, the ambulance is dangling dangerously over the water, putting him and Faith in serious danger.

Will Casualty’s Faith and Dylan Die?

Meanwhile, Faith makes a terrible discovery in the back of the ambulance – she is suffering from internal bleeding.

With no guarantee that help will come, Dylan panics and does what he can to keep Faith alive.

Can Dylan Save the Faith? (Image credit: BBC)

Desperate to keep her conscious, he admits the real reason he told her about Lev – she deserved better.

After the two had avoided it for months, they finally confessed their love for each other.

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But if Faith’s condition worsens, can she respond to her feelings?

Or will one of them die?

Casualty will air the scenes tonight at 7.45pm on Saturday (January 23) on BBC One.

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