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There are games like Fortnite, PUBG and so on, but one that has given a twist to the battle royale concept is undoubtedly Fall Guys, where you’ll have to fight against other players to overcome each round, tripping them whenever you can and avoiding the obstacles of each level.

About Fall Guys

You are invited to dive in the pantheon of clumsiness and make your way to victory. Beginner or pro? Solo or party? Fall Guys offers constantly evolving, highly focused hilarity and fun. The only thing more important than winning is looking as ridiculous as possible while doing it. Grab the silliest costume you can find and get in line – the show is about to begin!
Competitive & Cooperative: Tumble between competitive free-for-alls and cooperative challenges – or face Blunderdome with up to 3 friends!
Play with Friends: Fall Guys supports cross-play, cross-platform parties, and cross-progression via your Epic Games account.
Constantly evolving content: The game stays fresh with limited-time events and new game modes. Each season brings new costumes, collaborations, obstacles, and ways to play.
Delightfully customizable: choose from a variety of colors, patterns, costumes, and name tags.

What is Fall Guys: The Ultimate Knockout?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a fun and entertaining game developed and published by Mediatonic and Developer Digital, respectively. The Battle Royale game features multiple rounds with 60 players competing to be the first to reach the finish line. Each level is randomly generated and tries to eliminate up to 30 players at once. This is done by sending the jelly beans through multiple obstacle courses.

Download Fall Guys for free!

It’s time to join the pandemonium in Fall Guys! Ready for more good news? You can download the game and play it for free.
Fall Guys hurls hordes of contestants together online in a wild race through round after round of escalating chaos until one winner remains. Battle bizarre obstacles alongside competitors and overcome the indomitable laws of physics as you stumble to greatness. Prepare for hilarious failure in your quest for the crown!


Free for all:
You can download and play this massive multiplayer party royale game for free!
Massive Online Party:
Compete in a series of crazy challenges and wild obstacle courses with up to 60 players, all hoping to make the cut and advance to the next round of mayhem.
Competitive and cooperative:
Tumble between competitive free-for-alls and cooperative challenges. Or take on Blunderdome with friends in Squad mode.
Cross-Play and Cross-Progression:
You can play on any platform at any time! Form parties with your friends regardless of which system everyone is playing on.
Hilariously Physical:
Watch excitedly as your fellow players bounce, dodge, and dash their way to victory.
Delightfully Customizable:
Choose from a variety of colours, patterns, costumes, and name tags. Enjoy victories with trendy celebrations and share your flair with emotes!


  • Fun gameplay
  • Suitable for children
  • Features basic controls
  • Offers multiple rounds


  • Does not include custom match options

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