Fans believe that one of the teenagers in the act will be killed

In the latest Coronation Street news, fans believe that one of Weatherfield’s teenagers is being murdered in a harrowing new conspiracy.

Soap chef Iain Macleod spiced up an important new plot that will bring the teens together later this year.

Asha will be at the center of the great new story (Credit: ITV)

He described it as tragic and said it was a story of social realism.

Now that viewers see the beginnings of the story with the beginning of the romance between Nina Lucas and Asha Alahan and Simon Barlow being drawn into the drug trade, they think they know what is going to happen.

The theory is that there will be a horror attack and a teenager will be dead.

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One fan wrote on Digital Spy forums: “Simon is drugging with Will, bargaining, and I think Corey will be friends with, or actually work for, Will.

“I think one of them is going to do drugs. ASHA and NINA are going to start a romance, and Corey won’t be happy.

“And takes things into her own hands when Nina makes some kind of comment. As others have said, I think someone is being attacked, most likely Nina.

Nina has shown herself able to protect herself (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans were convinced there was going to be a murder

“Kelly will be involved in the drug story, her family attacked her through Simon, she is alone, hardly any money. (I wouldn’t be surprised if she died, possibly both she and Simon drugged) to come to terms with what happened in both lives.

“Summer will go into the action through Kelly too.

Is Kelly Killed on Coronation Street? (Photo credit: ITV)

“And Summer has experience with drugs. Simon has also pressured Summer to use drugs in the past.

“I think then that Kelly might know something about an attack that would take place on Nina. But at the last minute she changes her mind and steps in to stop it and she is stabbed. “

A second agreed to call it “really plausible”.

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Another said, “It would also be very reminiscent of the Sophie Lancaster murder case.”

However, a fourth said, “In any case, think that Corey will launch a hate campaign against Nina that culminates in an attack.

“We know Kelly is involved, so she may be involved in preparing the attack. Or does she die if she comes to the rescue of Nina? “

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