Fans tell Star to ignore the haters.

Naga Munchetty fans gathered around the BBC Breakfast presenter after her messy appearance in Saturday Kitchen yesterday (February 20).

The presenter, 45, appeared alongside BBC breakfast colleague Charlie Stayt but took flak from viewers after the couple interrupted the show.

Naga’s fans, however, stood behind the star and told her to “ignore the haters.”

What did Naga Munchetty do after appearing in Saturday Kitchen?

Naga quoted a Piers Morgan message on the social media website paying tribute to rugby star Gareth Thomas and husband Stephen.

The couple was seen dancing and titled their tweet titled “The mood in our house today” followed by two dancing emojis.

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Piers loved the video, and so did Naga.

She said, “Pure joy x.”

Fans saw this as an opportunity to send their support after she was beaten up for appearing on the BBC cooking show yesterday.

Fans sent a message of support to Naga (Credit:

What did the fans say to Naga after the performance?

One fan said, “Loved it !!

“Frosted [Tebbutt] was a great sport and must have known what to expect based on your usual BBC breakfast swap on Saturday at 9.30am most weeks !!

“Okay… maybe the excellent selection of wines and cocktails contributed to the mix. Ignore the haters !! “

Naga you were brilliant! You should have your own show! Never before has laughed so much.

Another said, “Naga, you were brilliant! You should have your own show! Never before has laughed so much. “

A third commented: “Fantastic again this morning!

“Much better show than usual. Matt seemed to be enjoying himself. Even if the blue washed club didn’t do that. “

Naga Munchetty annoyed viewers when she appeared on Saturday Kitchen
Naga suspended the trial in the kitchen on Saturday (Image Credit: BBC)

What happened to Naga in the Saturday kitchen yesterday?

Naga and Charlie wreaked havoc in the Saturday kitchen yesterday.

From sophisticated wine and fresh oysters to mocked host Matt Tebbutt at every opportunity to snapping his questions away, the show dissolved into chaos.

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But even when Naga Matt said the show would be “better without you,” the host seemed to be in a good mood.

But many fans didn’t agree, some called it “annoying”.

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