Fans were convinced that Goliath Brannick’s missing wife was Emma

Bloodlands on BBC One has captivated viewers with its curvy storyline, and now fans are convinced they know Goliath’s true identity.

The crime drama starring James Nesbitt centers on a serial killer named Goliath who wreaked havoc in Northern Ireland in 1998.

And now, after three episodes, viewers think they know who Goliath really is – and it’s not Tom Brannick.


Is Brannick actually Goliath in Bloodlands? (Image credit: BBC One)

What happened last night on Bloodlands on BBC One?

On last night’s episode (March 7th), viewers watched DCI Tom Brannick (Nesbitt) desperately try to frame his boss Jackie Twomey for the murder of Adam Corry.

At the end of the second episode, Brannick shot Corry dead because he had the evidence to link him to the Goliath murders.

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While it looked like Brannick was revealed as the Goliath, viewers now have a different theory.

They believe Brannick is covering his wife Emma, ​​the specialist who was also missing in 1998.

Therefore, viewers are convinced that Emma is actually Goliath.

What were the theories of fans?

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “I think Brannick is framing [Jackie] because he thinks he is Goliath, but I think Goliath is actually his wife.

“Anyone [says] ‘he’ for Goliath, but why can’t ‘he’ be a ‘she’? “

Another said, ‘So DCS Twomey worked with Special Branch for the editing part of his career.

“He knows Brannick’s wife was Goliath, so he tried to keep him from digging.

Anyone [says] “he” for Goliath, but why can’t “he” be a “she”?

“Unless Brannick is actually Goliath and killed her and buried her elsewhere?”

A third commented, “I’m saying this and I’m probably wrong, but Goliath is Tom’s wife.

“My thoughts don’t know that [who] it is or where it is hiding. “

Tom manipulated Tori to plant evidence (Credit: BBC)

What else happened in the episode last night?

Last night’s episode also saw Brannick force Tori Matthews to plant evidence in Jackie Twomey’s trailer.

At the series finale on Sunday (March 14th), a few key questions remain open.

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Is Tom Brannick really Goliath and is his wife Emma still alive?

According to fan theories, many think she still has a role to play.

Bloodlands continues on BBC One on Sunday March 14th at 9pm

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