Faye fears she is pregnant

The spoilers on Coronation Street reveal Faye’s fears she may be pregnant with Ray’s child and are forced to tell her father, Tim, what happened to her.

Ray made Faye sleep with him last month. He later tried to impose himself on her in his office, but when she asked him to stop, he refused. It wasn’t until Faye’s brother Gary came in that Ray stopped.

On New Years Eve, Faye confessed to Gary and Maria that she attacked Adam Barlow in the bistro and believed he was Ray.

Ray forced Faye to sleep with him (Credit: ITV)

But next week Tim asks Maria if she still has the backpack he lent Gary. But Maria explains that she got rid of all of Gary’s belongings.

Faye confides in Maria that living with guilt makes her sick and that she would rather face her crime.

Gary calls Maria from prison and she tells him how much Faye is in trouble. But does something else bother you?

Faye confides in Maria that living with guilt makes her sick (Credit: ITV)

A police officer calls to ask Tim about the backpack that was found in Gary’s possession and reveals that it contains the weapon that was used in Adam’s attack.

Tim confides in Sally. He tells his wife that Faye hasn’t been herself lately and fears that she might have something to do with the gun in the backpack.

Tim asks Faye about the backpack (Image credit: ITV)

Tim later asks Faye about the backpack, wondering if she knows anything about the attack on Adam. But Faye tries to keep her fear under control and denies any knowledge.

Coronation Street: Faye thinks she is pregnant

Faye thinks she might be pregnant (Image credit: ITV)

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In a panic, Faye announces that she will spend the night with Maria. She soon drops the bomb on her sister-in-law so that she can get pregnant with Ray’s baby.

Meanwhile, Tim is suspicious and calls the apartment. But when he’s there, he discovers the pregnancy test and asks for answers.

Faye realizes she has to tell her father what’s going on and tells him how Ray tried to rape her and she attacked Adam because she thought it was Ray.

Tim wants to go to the police

Tim wants to go to the police (Credit: ITV)

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Angry, Tim goes to find Ray. Tim visits Gary in jail and tells him that he knows everything and that they need to go to the police.

But Gary insists, for Faye’s sake, they have to keep a lid on it. But will Tim agree?

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