Faye go to jail?

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Faye believes she will go to jail after her hearing.

In December, Faye attacked Adam Barlow believing it was Ray Crosby.

Coronation Street Spoiler: Faye Goes to Jail?

In the next week’s scenes, Faye hears that Ray has been charged with sexual assault. But when she comes back from her hearing, she is convinced she could go to jail.

Craig later calls # 4 and suggests that Faye have a day off to distract her from the trial.

Faye fears she will go to jail (Credit: ITV)

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Soon Faye goes and visits Gary in jail, admitting that she pushed Craig away because she doesn’t want him to put his life on hold while she is in jail.

But will it come to that?

Why did Faye want to attack Ray?

Last year Ray Faye applied and soon invited her to his hotel room for a wine tasting.

Ray then pressured Faye to sleep with him, saying that she could “continue to benefit from his opportunities” if she joined him in the bathroom.

A few weeks later, he tried to have sex with her in the bistro office. But even though Faye said no, he kept trying to take them off.

Coronation Street rape Faye and Ray
Ray tried to rape Faye (Credit: ITV)

It wasn’t until Faye’s brother Gary walked in that Ray stopped. Later in the bistro, Adam Barlow was attacked by an invisible person who turned out to be Faye.

She admitted attacking Adam and believed he was Ray.

Ray was later mysteriously missing, and Ray’s business partner, Debbie Webster, told Abi that she killed him.

Ray was arrested (Image credit: ITV)

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But while she seemed to be secretly helping Ray. It turned out that she was trying to make him the police.

After locking Debbie and Kevin in the bistro fridge, Ray was found trying to escape the country. However, he was caught and arrested by the police for attempted murder.

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