Fears more closures on mandatory test calls

GMB viewers have called for tests to be made mandatory in schools, as some also shared their concerns that it could result in schools “closing again by Wednesday”.

The comments came after a section on today’s show (March 5th) where hosts Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard revealed the results of a new poll.

Under the guidance of ITV News, it was found that 80% of schools believe that testing should be mandatory.

Experts on the show had opposing views, as did Good Morning Britain viewers, it seems.

Kate and Ben opened the school debate today on GMB (Credit: ITV)

What happened today at GMB?

After Kate and Ben announced the results of the ITV News poll, the hosts introduced Headmistress Sarah Bailey.

she said The prospect of a COVID-19 test might be “daunting” to some students.

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Sarah also revealed Not allowing students to return to school without taking a test could “rob many children of their education”.

Journalist and father of four, Jamie East, believes testing should be mandatory.

He stated that if we know the risks, he cannot “understand why we are still diligent”.

UK ITV Editor Paul Brand added: “As of Monday, 10 million people in England will mingle. “

He suggested that instead of having an opt-in system for parents, schools should be able to switch to an opt-out system.

This would allow schools to work around the problem as some parents forget to sign out.

Testing in schools
The show’s expert had opposing viewers during mandatory tests for schools (Credit: ITV)

What did the audience say about tests in schools?

Many viewers seemed interested in making testing compulsory in schools.

Why is it not mandatory? Why do teachers even have to think about it? This country is crazy, ”said one.

“It should be mandatory. My wife is helping with the tests. Why should she be at risk because of namby pamby parents? “Another asked.

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“It’s the only way you can keep her in school without sending her home all the time to isolate her !! Make it mandatory !!! ”Explained another.

A fourth added: “It should be mandatory tests. No test, no school entry. Parents have to step back and think about the rest of the country and not just about themselves. “

Another stated, “The one child who refuses to take the test and enters school completely invalidates all tests taken by staff and students, and ruins the education and lives of so many people.

“It is irresponsible for parents to refuse their child the test.”

“Test on Monday, schools closed until Wednesday”

However, the idea of ​​the mandatory exam was not for everyone, and some also suggested that the exam has the potential for schools to close again after a series of positive tests.

“Test children on Monday morning … schools will be closed by Wednesday, ”said one.

Another added: “Test Test Test and schools will be closed again Wednesday.”

A third said: “Am I fat When the 10m students mingle with each other when they return to schools There will be positive tests next week (and there will certainly be), does that mean? schools and families are disturbed and forced back into isolation? “

Test test test and schools will be closed again Wednesday.

However, others said it would be an “attack” if students had to take a COVID test.

“You can’t get someone to have a medical test or treatment because it’s an attack.

“If you told some high school students to have a test, some would refuse just so they could stay away school. Compulsory exams for secondary school students are not a beginner. “

Another added: “No, we shouldn’t make them compulsory.

“Think carefully about the precedent you want to set. And if you are a reasonably intelligent person, you will understand the future implications of such a strategy, and not just for COVID. “

A third concluded, “If they make it compulsory, my children will not go to school.”

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