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Mozilla Firefox remains one of the most relevant browsers today with users from different parts of the world. In a world dominated by Google and co, the Firefox browser is still popular and this is due to its outstanding features.

Apart from the features, add-ons and great themes that make Firefox so exceptional, its strong community increases its popularity. This community allows customization and improved control of the browser. Therefore, users can optimize their browsers and determine their browsing experience on the Internet.

Themes are part of the Mozilla web browser’s customizable features. You can add, edit, manage or delete themes for a better browsing experience. For newbies, this can be a challenge. Even regular users sometimes need a reminder to find their way around. There is also the issue of which theme to use. Don’t worry, in a few minutes you will be better equipped to enjoy some of the amazing features of this web browser. There is more, because in this article we will describe the best Firefox themes in 2021 and how you can download them.

What is a Firefox theme?

A Firefox theme changes your toolbar and background colors. Some themes come with logos and images for better customization. Thanks to Firefox’s large and ever-growing community, these themes and skins are never in short supply. The enthusiastic designers who create them graphically modify popular products, favorite movies and TV shows, or take inspiration from abstract materials. 2021 is easy to edit, discard, add and switch between saved themes in the Firefox browser.

The best Firefox themes in 2021

  • Matte Black (Red)
  • Dynamic weather theme
  • Dolan’s dynamic theme
  • Native dark theme
  • Alpenglow

There are thousands of free Firefox themes offered by Mozilla to improve your browser’s usability. These include both light and dark themes. The look of your browser depends on the theme you use. You can choose from a variety of themes that are available for the Firefox browser. The best Firefox themes in 2021 would not only change the look of your browser, but also improve the quality of your browsing experience.
It is worth noting that trying out different themes will reduce the boredom that comes from using the same browser repeatedly. Here are the 5 best Firefox themes in 2021, allowing you to customize your appearance as well as personalize your buttons, address bar, tabs, menus as well as window frame.

1.) Matte Black (Red)

Just like other popular web browsers have a dark theme, Firefox also has a dark design. The Matte Black (Red) is a modern dark theme with a red accent color. This lightweight Firefox theme has over 64,000 users and only works on the desktop version of Firefox. Nevertheless, Matte Black is a fully custom theme that offers users a mix of the dark theme fused with other exciting patterns. Matte Black (Red) is one of the best themes in 2021 to enhance the usage of Mozilla browser. Although it cannot be considered a completely dark theme, Matte Black offers darker options. The Matte Black series, which is one of a number of interesting theme variations, is a creation of Elijah Lopez.
The Matte Black series also has themes that are as dark as Mozilla’s official dark theme. Matte Black’s darker active tabs and its dark frayed color set it apart from the official version. It offers users several combinations. The Matte Black (red) combines the top bar – active tab – which in this case is red, with the dark tone of the theme. Just as this holder is in red, you can choose other colors with this theme. Pink, purple, and gray are just a few of the many accent colors you can choose from with the Matte Black theme.

2.) Dynamic Weather Theme

The Dynamic Weather Theme is a slightly different, but simple theme. Instead of working on the background color or using the Windows accent color, this theme changes with the weather. You can set the application to automatically detect your location, or you can manually enter your preferred location to get the most out of this theme. However, for privacy reasons, it is recommended that you enter your preferred location manually. After you install and activate this theme, simply enter your location and watch your theme change with the weather. From animated sunshine, clouds, rain or snow, this Dynamic Weather Firefox theme has it all.
Yahoo Weather API provides the weather forecast that Dynamic Weather theme uses. It works like a charm as it is quite accurate. It changes hourly to give you a good idea of the weather outside while you browse the web. This theme is constantly evolving and you can expect more animations in the future.

3.) Dolan’s Dynamics

This nifty Mozilla Firefox theme is the real deal. It takes the appearance of your browser to the next level. You can expect your theme to change into the accent color of the website you are browsing. It also puts a lot of emphasis on the icons of the websites you visit. When you open a site like Facebook, the design turns dark blue; on YouTube, it turns reddish and adopts the blue tweety bird icon when you launch Twitter. So for each site, there is a different color for the tabs and title bars. Isn’t that nice?
Whenever the color of the site is not simply determined by the theme, Dolan Dynamic Theme decides to use its default pattern. This is hardly a problem, as the theme chooses the color of the website in most cases. The transition of this theme between tabs is one that will capture the mind of any theme lover.

4.) Native dark theme

The Native Dark theme is another simple but dynamic dark theme for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Although the name suggests a dark theme, this native theme is not necessarily dark. This is because it can mimic the color of your Windows theme. Great, yes? This minimalist software changes the colors on your tabs, title bars, and address bars to the accent color of your Windows 10 theme.
The Native Dark theme is perfectly placed, so you might think that it is the official Windows 10 browser. However, these changes are only aesthetic. The Native Dark theme works so well, especially with darker accents. It also supports multiple customizations. You can opt for the static mode, which has only one color, or go for the option that changes the nuance between other parts of the browser and the address bar.

5.) Alpenglow

It’s no secret that Mozilla offers a dark and a light theme in addition to its default ones. If you are a fan of the official Firefox browser theme product, then Alpenglow is worth paying attention to. Designed by Firefox, Alpenglow offers a mix of pink, purple and black gradients.
Alpenglow is new to Firefox and the excellent color design features in the Nightly theme. It is officially introduced with Firefox 81 and is available for download from the Mozilla add-on site. For people using Firefox Nightly, you’ll find it by default under the themes.
This targeted theme gives a colorful look to the buttons, menus and your Firefox window. It supports the light and dark themes of Windows 10.

To create Firefox themes

Use a simple tool to create your own themes

There are several ways to create your own Firefox themes, but the easiest is the latest solution directly from Mozilla itself: Firefox Color. Not only does it provide a simple interface for designing your own themes, but it also allows you to easily package, export, and publish them to the Firefox Marketplace.

To download the Firefox Color Theme Creator

While you can use Firefox Color on the web, the add-on is the easiest way to create your themes and test them in real-time in Firefox.

  1. Open Firefox and go to
  2. When you arrive, you can play around with Firefox Color a bit, but you should only get the add-on to launch. Select Install Firefox Color in the middle of the page to download the add-on.
  3. Select Add to Firefox.
If you mess with the styles and want to change something, you may find these things useful.
To use the inspector to debug the UI, open Developer Tools (F12) on any page, go to Options and check both:
Enable browser Chrome and add-on debugging toolboxes.
Enable remote debugging
Now you can close these tools and press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I to check the browser UI.

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