First look at next week’s aftermath

Coronation Street spoilers for next week see Debbie and Kevin fight for their lives after Ray locked them in a refrigerator.

Johnny also sees ghosts in jail, while Tracy and David are taken by surprise at the No. 8 auction. But who bought the house?

All of this and more on Coronation Street spoilers for the next week.

1. Ray leaves Debbie and Kevin in great danger

Abi and Debbie clash, but Abi is soon chastised when Debbie reminds her that she saved her life.

Debbie claims she murdered Ray to protect herself and still pretends Ray is dead.

Debbie Ray’s accountant later tells Miles that she won’t let Ray get away with his crimes.

She tells Miles that she plans to buy Ray from the police as soon as he signs the deal.

Kevin and Abi see Mick, the thug hanging around in front of the bistro.

He’s looking for Ray, so Kevin points him in Debbie’s direction instead.

Concerned for Debbie’s safety, Abi tells Kevin the truth about Debbie, who saves her life and kills Ray.

Kevin is suspicious of Debbie’s story and is convinced that Ray is still alive.

Later, Debbie discusses her business plans with Miles, unaware that Ray is listening.

Ray disguised himself as a worker to come to the bistro and is furious at what he hears.

Ray takes revenge by locking Debbie in the restaurant’s refrigerator.

But Kevin sees what has happened and hits Ray over the head with a pan.

Things look grim, however, when Kevin rescues Debbie and they are both locked in the refrigerator.

Will someone realize before it’s too late?

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2. Johnny sees Aidan’s ghost

Johnny is horrified to hear that a fellow inmate has committed suicide in his cell.

Memories of Aidan come back and soon Johnny is hallucinating.

Johnny thinks he can see mice and cockroaches in prison.

Later he is convinced he can see Aidan and wonders if he is losing his marbles.

Carla is concerned when Johnny tells her what happened.

He asks her not to tell Jenny, and Carla promises as long as he sees the doctor.

But Johnny has no intention of visiting the prison doctor.

Carla later tells Roy that she broke her promise and called jail about Johnny.

Johnny is referred to the prison psychiatrist and is upset for meddling with Carla.

He finally tells Jenny what’s going on and she broke his heart.

Jenny is mad at Carla for keeping such a big secret from her.

3. Who will buy # 8?

David and Shona still haven’t found a mortgage and panic.

Steve returns home and is shocked to hear that Tracy intends to buy # 8.

Shona asks Audrey to lend them the money, but she reminds Shona that David stole from her.

Shona is afraid of losing the house and gets an idea.

It cuts the cables in the street and sabotages the auction by failing the WiFi.

Later, David and Tracy get into a bidding war, but both are caught off guard by a mysterious bidder.

Who bought # 8?

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4. Simon suffers in silence

Leanne goes to lunch with Nick and tries hard for Simon’s sake.

She lies to Nick that Imran kept her job open and that they are fine for money.

Simon sits in silence as Leanne pretends everything is fine.

Simon later worries when Leanne says she got a sign from Oliver.

After Leanne gives her card details, she talks to a TV clairvoyant while Simon masks his fear.

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