First look at the episodes of the next week in 10 pictures

EastEnder’s spoilers in pictures for next week see the hunt for Ian continue … and soon Max’s detective skills reveal some shocking truths.

Elsewhere, Denise and Lucas vanish into thin air and a police search begins. Is Lucas up to his old tricks again?

All of this and more in EastEnders spoilers next week.

1. Max reveals Sharon’s real face

The hunt for Ian continues and when Max sees that Bobby is talking to the police, he is suspicious.

He asks Bobby if there is any news about Ian, but no one saw him.

Max is soon on a mission to uncover the truth – but what will he find?

Sharon panics when Linda reveals that Max is about to find out who attacked Ian before Christmas.

Max later grills Sharon in hopes of proving Tina’s innocence and winning Linda back.

At the Vic, Bobby and Kathy arrive with missing posters, hoping to bring back people’s memories.

Kathy and Sharon have a break and soon Max makes a shock announcement.

In front of a packed pub, Max tells everyone that Sharon was behind Ian’s attack.

He also reveals that Tina is innocent … but will anyone believe him?

Mick persuades Linda to find out what Max knows about the night Ian was attacked.

He hopes that Max could have concrete evidence that Tina is innocent.

Linda is shocked when Max reveals exactly what he knows.

Linda passes the news on to Mick, but nothing makes sense about Tina’s disappearance.

Mick is worried about what happened to Tina.

Will they clear up Horror’s involvement?

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2. Denise is missing

Chelsea mentions her vacation with Denise and leaves her suspicious.

But Chelsea’s plan for Lucas begins to crumble when he refuses to go away with her.

Denise later sees Chelsea and Lucas arguing and believes that Lucas has let Chelsea down again.

Denise scolds Lucas and soon all his anger builds up and he suddenly snaps.

Later, Jack and Chelsea look for Denise, and Vinny mentions seeing blood in Lucas’ apartment.

They rush over to find the apartment in a state, and Denise and Lucas are both missing.

The police are looking for Denise, but are Lucas up to his old tricks?

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3. Billy’s desperate plan

Billy still hurts Lola and tells Lola he is determined to get a new job.

But when his shift in the call center doesn’t go according to plan, desperation sets in.

Billy asks Vinny about the drug trade, and although surprised, Vinny agrees to help.

Is Billy about to throw himself into a whole world of trouble?

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