First look at the episodes of the next week in 10 pictures

EastEnder’s spoilers in pictures for the next week see Max leave Walford for good while Ruby’s plan catches up with her.

Elsewhere, Dotty slips into a money-making plan.

All of this and more in EastEnders spoilers next week.

1. Max leaves Walford

Max offers Linda an olive branch, but both Jack and Mick are concerned when they notice their exchange.

Max makes a plan to get Linda back and raids Jack’s house to find evidence against Phil.

Max is happy to find Jack’s USB stick and march to the Mitchells.

Phil is shocked when Max reveals all the evidence he has against him.

In a panic, Phil knows that Max has enough to send him to jail for a very long time.

Max makes a deal with Phil and demands something in return for his silence.

But what does Max really want to get his hands on?

Max sees Linda and tells her that he has planned a surprise that will help her and Mick.

Linda comes to the shocking realization that Max knows about Mick’s abuse.

Linda is horrified when she discovers that Jack told Max about Mick’s past.

Jack goes to Mick to apologize, but Mick doesn’t want to hear excuses.

He goes out the door and is determined to track down Max.

Mick beats Max after berating Linda for staying with Mick out of pity.

Linda goes to Max and reminds him that she doesn’t love him.

Max is broken when she tells him it would be better for everyone if he left Walford.

Max realizes that nobody wants him with them and leaves his life in Albert Square.

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2. Stacey confronts Ruby

Martin is stunned when Iqra reveals that Ruby was behind his attack on Minute Mart and not Jags.

Martin is stunned by Ruby’s lies, and Stacey decides it’s time to face her ex-girlfriend.

Kush admits to Stacey that Ruby was also the mastermind behind his escape plan with Arthur.

Stacey reveals that she doesn’t think Ruby is pregnant at all.

She has a plan to prove Ruby is lying … but what has Stacey up her sleeve?

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3. Dotty slips into a plan

Dotty and Tiffany are with Ruby when they see some town boys admiring Tiffany.

But Tiff is not interested, shows them their wedding ring and gives them their marching orders.

However, the drama gives Dotty a new idea for making money. Will Tiffany agree to help?

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